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Asheville Tourists revisited


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As an old song put it, let's do it again.

A few years back, I'd posted an Asheville Tourists concept.  Then I tweaked it.  Then the Tourists changed to the moon logo shortly afterward.  I'd thought about a revisit for a while, but it always got put on the backburner...until now.


The distinguishing feature of the home and away jerseys is the stars & hibiscus patterned cuffs.  The old tourist bear inspired a sunglasses cap on the previous set, and a revisit wouldn't be complete without borrowing the moon man's shades.  Now, for what the people want.


Oh yes...khaki pants.  I went there.  Granted, it's a bit difficult to think of the navy jersey as a Hawaiian shirt, given the lack of flowers, but the idea was there.  Going with it is a navy version of the shades cap with a starred bill.  The royal blue jersey...yeah, it's the more straight Hawaiian shirt, with flowers and stars, and the moon mixed in.  Figured the rib-eating moon man would fit the mood of this jersey, so he adorns the left sleeve.


Yell words, while I sue Tails for false advertising...you aint gonna need a Tailescope (or a telescope) for this one.

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