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  1. Love this series. Would love to see other graphics showing premierships the teams have won and what not, could really add to it.
  2. Name: LJ Smith Age: 54 Quick Bio: Business Magnate, owner and founder of one of one of Gorania's largest property development firms. Votes: 1. Ulbrich 2. Blalock 3. Ruddy
  3. Wow nearly an incredible comeback from Xiong, a nine goal quarter is a great effort and they are extremely unlucky to go down.
  4. Angerer nearly stole it! They were certainly more competitive than they were in the 2nd Semi Final. Could this be the beginning of a Chavez dynasty?
  5. Interesting league so far, you've done well so far. Interested to know some more of the background of the league and the cities. What is each city known for and what clubs have rivalries?
  6. Love this! Nice template and league background. I have some friends over on another forum called Bigfooty in a sub-forum called "Footy Jumpers and Graphic Design" who would love to see these concepts.
  7. New one looks like a 1980s version of the old one. Still pretty cool though.
  8. Spanna65

    The New XFL

    That's hardly West considering the whole competition takes place on the East Coast.
  9. Spanna65

    The New XFL

    Pretty much. The NRL can hardly be called a National competition anyway considering their's no team further West then Paramatta and Penrith, and no Adelaide team either.
  10. Spanna65

    The New XFL

    The Western Reds, played in the ARL and later during the Super League in the 1990s before folding. They were unfairly made to pay the airfares of any team travelling to Perth which left them in a bad state financially. Support was always pretty good so basically ever since then the NRL has been playing games in Perth- we even get a double-header at the new Perth Stadium to open the season up.