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Goalie mask designs


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Hi everyone! I've been messing around with goalie mask lately and ended up with two designs so far that I think look ok. I know some angels and stuff are not 100% perfect yet but as I couldn't find a psd template I had to use jpegs from someone who sells plain masks ?


So here goes the first one. This is for Jonathan "Boots" Boutin who plays for my local DEL team, the Augsburger Panther in Germamy. I used the Team logo on one side. The banners of former team legends + a shadow silhouette of one of them - Paul Ambros - who sadly passed away - on the other and the stadium logo on the backplate.


So what do you guys think?



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I usually like your (jersey) concepts for their creativity and not just putting horizontal lines on it. But in this case, I'm missing the out of the box thinking. They could be in EA's NHL as default masks for the team, but not something I could see the actual goalies wearing.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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