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High School Logo Redesign


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So the few times i have started topics they have been high school hockey redesigns that I never completed. Now I will attempt to redesign my schools logos. I am finishing up my senior year at Hill-Murray High School in Minnesota. For my final project in computer graphics my teacher gave me the idea to to redesign the schools logos.


Name: Hill-Murray

Mascot: Pioneers

Colors: Green, Black, & White


Here is the 1st logo I plan to redesign. The school uses this interlocking HM on everything, from the school uniforms to over 1/2 of the sports teams. Overall i really like the logo, you will see that in my version of it. The only thing i don't like about it is how it is slanted.


My Version

I used all of color combos I could just so i could see how it would look. In the 2nd set i added 2 strokes to help add some contrast. It worked in some more than others.



CC is appreciated

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For me, taking away the slant and thinning the outline is not much of a redesign or an improvement. Get creative. You have an opportunity to take it in a new direction. Maybe a new font. Maybe thinning the letters to make a truly interlocking monogram. Search out pro & college monograms that you really like and emulate that style. Push your limits. Don't get boxed in by the current logo.

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