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Dudes, I'm looking for someone to build me a website. I am hoping that someone could do it for free (well, there'll be a little prezzy from grandma heh heh) as something they could ad to a portfolio - it sounds like a lot of you are into the whole design thing.

Anyhoo, If there is lots of interest I will ask for submissions and hold a bit of a contest.

here is what i'm looking for:

-a basic concept of layout

-flash or fireworks usage.



colours- orange, dark grey and white, lots of white...mainly white.

It's an acting website so it will be very basic, with not too much stuff on it.

Thanks! - Have fun - Ian

Vancouver 2010 Two Man Luge Gold Medalist.


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you cheap bastards!! :laugh: c'mon!! there's 20 canadian dollars in it for ya!! 20!!! that's like 500 american dollars!!

Don't joke about that man, haven't you ever seen Talking to Americans?  :D

Man, if I was a good web developer with time, do you think I'd still be using some of Angelfire's templates?

I mean, I'm alright with Dreamweaver or FrontPage, but tell me how to feed myself in html, and I'd probably starve.

Flash, though, is an enigma that still eludes me....

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