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  1. Foley basically said this whole time, "I love the Army, I want my team to be like the Army, I'm naming my team after the Army." While no one would look at the Vegas Golden Knights and confuse them for the Golden Knights parachute team, I don't think it's a stretch for someone to think that the Vegas team was somehow endorsed by the Army, especially alongside Foley's comments. That said, I'm no trademark lawyer, so I have no idea if that matters.
  2. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I agree that they'd be missing out on revenue and brand protection. That said, I think that Foley is stubborn enough that he'll just keep using the vegasishockey.com domain no matter what the team name ends up being.
  3. The Silver Knights domains all moved, too.
  4. The Knights were never actually asked and don't hold a trademark on just "Knights" for hockey in Canada anyway, even though people said otherwise. Foley always wanted "______ Knights."
  5. That was the path I went with when I first wrote about the possibility of Desert Knights as the name back in August but I no longer think it's an actual connection. The Silver Knights and Desert Knights domain names are also currently listed as for sale by their current owners. Foley (or people in his org) have said they own those domains in the past but I think he's full of it and they're actually held by speculators. I think they're going to keep using the vegasishockey.com domain, not have one with the team name. He's just not willing to pay speculators.
  6. I'm already mentally composing the OITGDNHL chapter on the naming of this team. Depending on how this all pans out, some of the more absurd parts of this story haven't even been told yet.
  7. The Flint Firebirds had to play their penultimate home game of the season in Saginaw when the ice plant in Flint broke down. The announcement was made just hours before the game and hardly anyone was there. The Flint crew ran most of the in-arena stuff but on their one power play, the scoreboard graphic was Saginaw's power play package.
  8. Near-universally derided here, 4.2 rating on the mothersite... 75% approval rating on Winging it in Motown.
  9. This. There aren't enough likes for this. I get that there are some people who didn't like the old logo and like the new one. But it's pretty clear they're a minority. I have no idea how enough people in the Griffins offices said, "You know what, that new logo is really way better than the other one. We should replace it. Oh, squirrel!" (At least I imagine that's how the conversation ended.)
  10. Hmm.Is Yzerfan plotting another coup? I don't have to, Creamer has been ruling in name only on my behalf for years.
  11. No, it's a global brand in Canada, it's required to use a maple leaf and only a maple leaf. I predict a throwback logo. Throwing back to 1997 means gradients. Lots of gradients.
  12. I believe it mostly has to do with not obscuring the number.It's because they're going to introduce ads on the back hem and you can't sell ad space that you can't see because it's tucked in. Reportedly.
  13. Do we have our newest entry out of Daniel Alfredsson's press conference in Ottawa today? Alfredsson says he signed his last deal with the Sens with both sides expecting he'd retire before the final (and cheapest, of course) year. Tons of rumors about that kind of deal happening but he's the first one to confirm it (and he played it out anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter). The part I find more OITGDNHL worthy is that Bill Daly comes out and says "Yeah, that's totally cap circumvention, but it'd require an investigation and we're not going to bother." For the record, I don't think the Sens should be punished. I just don't think the VP of the damned league should get away with using "We don't feel like investigating" as the reason for it.
  14. Tempted to grab the Livingstone story but how many words are we looking for here? It's fun to talk about writing this up but a series of half-page posts in a forum thread do not a book make. I think we'd have to have a consistent level of detail to each story, as well.
  15. Which ten stories do we pare it down to? Gotta save some for the sequel after the first book's resounding success.
  16. Actually, there's fun with that, too. IIRC, the 1917-18 Toronto Hockey Club was on a provisional franchise. The next year or the year after that the team operated under a new, permanent franchise. So you could argue that the team today is a different franchise than the 1917 team, much like the Blues.
  17. One of my favorites too. The idea of Martin Biron unwittingly destroying the NHL's database is so delightful. And on a Compuware note, To be (somewhat) fair, that one can be blamed on IBM as well. They're the ones who came up with that software, apparently. Baltimore, as well. Of course, you can't have OITGDNHL without acknowledging OITGDNHA. The only reason the NHL exists is because all the NHA owners hated the Toronto owner (Eddie Livingstone), so they formed a new league, took all the player contracts with them, and propped up their own guy at the head of the Toronto team. The new Toronto owners also owned Arena Gardens, so Livingston had a team without a rink in a league with no players. This came after they had already tried to dissolve the Toronto NHA franchise at a board meeting when Livingstone was absent.
  18. Strickland says the Coyotes are staying put no matter the result of the vote tomorrow. https://twitter.com/andystrickland/status/351686847086342144 Not sure I believe it. If the league lets its bluff get called, they'll never get to bully a municipality into an arena deal again.
  19. http://www.azcentral...yotes-deal.html And then there's the fact that the deal completely fell apart and got put back together in a matter of hours. http://www.foxsportsarizona.com/nhl/phoenix-coyotes/story/Glendale-city-council-to-force-July-2-vo?blockID=915399&feedID=3545
  20. Seattle's mayor says Kypreos is wrong, Key Arena will be ready. http://www.twitter.com/mayormcginn/status/348111881749266433 "Will" be ready?
  21. So Kypreos says that Glendale will not be giving RSE the money they want... But also that Key Arena won't be ready this season so the team is staying put anyway. http://kuklaskorner.com/hockey/comments/early-morning-tweets-bode-poorly-for-the-coyotes I'd thought that second part had already been debunked but even if it's true, I find it hard to believe that the NHL would say "Okay, fine, you called our bluff, we'll stick around." They'll find an even worse place to put the team for next year.
  22. I'm just going to directly quote @seangentille here...