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  • The official guidelines of the CCSLC will be enforced in the Concepts Forum.  LINK.
  • This is a graphic design forum. All concept threads must be focused on graphic design.
    • Sports fan fiction, simulation league and other story-based concepts are not permitted. 
    • Only provide enough background information to make any artistic choices make sense.
    • Artwork must be the focus of both the post and any feedback.
    • If a thread is unbalanced toward stories or simulations, with little effort put into design, it will be locked. This determination will be made at the moderators’ discretion.
  • Constructive criticism must be used when commenting on concepts, be it positive or negative.
    • Any replies to concepts that simply state something to the effect of "OMG, this sux!" or "AWESOME!!!11!" that the moderator team encounters will be removed.
  • Creators of concepts must demonstrate a willingness to improve their graphic design skills. 
    • If there is no willingness by the concept creator to improve his/her skills the concept thread will be locked.
  • If a concept creator is not receptive or combative towards constructive criticism, the concept thread will be locked and the creator may be subject to CCSLC discipline.
  • Concept thread titles must be specific.
    • Do not post vague, whimsical titles that have nothing to do with the concept itself
    • Mention the name of the team, if the team is real or fictitious, and the sport.
    • Indicate if the concept was created in an atypical medium, e.g. Paint or by hand.
  • Ensure that a concept is ready for public critique before posting.  Concepts that look like little or no effort was put into them will be removed.
    • Ensure that a concept is created on an appropriate template.
    • Ensure that any fonts used for a concept are appropriate, athletic fonts and are not Windows/Mac system fonts e.g. Arial, Times New Roman, etc.
  • All concept threads must have the concept, or the initial concept of a series, present in the first post.  Any concept thread that does not contain a viewable concept will be deleted.
    • Do not post a "teaser image" in the first post of a concept thread.
  • Concept threads may only be bumped by original posters who are posting revisions or adding new concepts to a series.
    • OPs may not bump inactive threads in an effort to obtain more comments.
    • Commentors may not bump inactive threads to ask questions about the status of the concept/series (eg. "Is this dead?")
    • Commentors may not bump inactive threads in an attempt to get the OP to post more artwork.
  • Do not post any requests for particular teams in someone's concept series thread or post requests for additional concepts in the thread of an individual concept.
  • Do not post your own artwork in another concept creator's thread. If you have artwork to share, start your own thread.
  • All concept competitions must be sanctioned by the CCSLC moderator team.
  • No concept thread may utilize the message board's poll feature.
  • All posts linking to a template must be directly linked to that template and not a third-party website.
  • No concept may contain any element that can be considered offensive.
  • Ensure that any logo used in a concept that you do not own adheres to the below guidelines:
    • Members may use existing team logos for concepts about, or linked to, those existing teams.
      • Ex: I'm designing a uniform concept for the Los Angeles Dodgers. It is permissible to use Dodgers logos in my design.
      • Ex: I am doing a crossover series, where I want to make a Los Angeles Dodgers soccer jersey. It is permissible to use Dodgers logos in my design.
      • Ex: I am doing a soccer series, where I am creating an expansion team owned by the Los Angeles Dodgers. It is permissible to use Dodgers logos in my design (see real-life San Antonio FC).
      • Ex: I am proposing the Los Angeles Dodgers move to Albuquerque to become the Albuquerque Dodgers. It is permissible to use Dodgers logos in my design, as there is reason for my concept to be linked to the real-life Dodgers.
      • Ex: I am proposing the Los Angeles Dodgers change their name to the Los Angeles Wildcats. It is permissible to use Dodgers logos in my design; however, a citation must be included for logos of existing teams being repurposed.
    • In all other cases, members must have usage rights to any and all artwork used in their concept. Simply giving credit is not sufficient.
      • Ex: I created a wildcat logo from scratch. It is permissible to use this in my design, as it is my own work and I own the usage rights.
      • Ex: I created a soccer logo that includes the lion from the city of Hanover's coat of arms. It is permissible to use the lion in my design, as German coats of arms are in the public domain.
      • Ex: I created a jersey that uses another designer's logo which is not or has not be used by any existing team. That designer has not given me explicit permission to use their logo, but I have credited them in my post. It is not permissible to use the logo in my design, as I do not have usage rights to the logo.
      • Ex: I found a wildcat logo on Shutterstock that is free-use. It is permissable to incorporate part of that logo into your design with proper credit given.  It is not permissable to present the logo with limited to no alteration as the basis for your concept.
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