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Official CCSLC Rules, Regulations, and FAQ


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1. No Insults, Trolling, Flaming, Name Calling, Harassing, Etc.

We will not tolerate insults, excessive profanity or throwing a topic off course in an inorganic fashion. Use of racial, bigoted, sexist, or discriminatory terms or phrases is not accepted. Posts intended solely to antagonize others are not accepted. Keep topics/posts where they belong. Generally speaking, play nice.


2. No Gore, Porn, or Sexual Content

No images, descriptions, or links to graphic or pornographic content, including any form of nudity, or nude cartoons. No sexual content, including discussion of sex acts (implied or otherwise), or posts about genitalia. The public boards are intended to be suitable for all ages, and anything that could offend members of the community will be reviewed on a per case basis by the site staff.


3. No Politics

Posts and topics of a political nature or referring to politics, whether explicitly or implicitly, that are not relevant to the topics of sports or graphic design are expressly prohibited on the CCSLC. This includes but is not limited to: jokes; links to news stories; concepts depicting current or recent political figures or using partisan political symbols; or any other content the moderating team deems to be of a politically incendiary nature. Such content also may not be used in members' signatures, user titles, avatars or profiles. Posts and topics referring to politics that are relevant to sports or graphic design must not be overly partisan or incendiary.


4. No Discussion of Native American Team Name Controversies

This topic, like various political topics, often devolves into name calling, straw man construction, and other assorted "tactics" not suitable in intelligent, mutually respectable debate.  This does not apply to changes that have officially been announced.


5. No Alternate ID's - One Account per Individual

We operate a one account - one person policy. Creating an alternate ID will result in both the original account and the alternate ID being permanently banned immediately. Sharing accounts among a group of people is also forbidden.  Do NOT create a new account if you forgot your password.  Please use the forgot password option on the login screen.


6. Do Not Post Things For Banned Members

This includes, but is not limited to, concepts and requests. Once they are banned, they are done with this forum. Banned members are gone for a reason, assisting them in getting back on the board will result in a suspension.


7. No Business or Personal Ads

Any posts or threads solely to promote a store will be removed. This includes making posts with the intended purpose of promoting your own ebay, Craigslists, or Kijiji pages.


8. Do Not Steal Bandwidth

Use a photo hosting website.


9. Keep Off-Site Drama Off This Site

If you had a disagreement or falling out with someone on another site or in real life then don't bring it here. Leave your grievances at the door. Additionally, do not derail normal board discussion with drama in your personal life. The board is not to serve as your personal therapy couch.


10. Do Not Post Private Conversations

This includes PM's, IM's and emails. Additionally, do not pursue methods outside of posts on this board to insult, attack, or harass other members.


11. No Spam

We do not allow spamming. Spam will be deleted and the account banned instantly.


12. No Disruptive Posting/Flamebaiting/Trolling

Trolling will not be tolerated. Users who troll others consistently will be subject to disciplinary actions.


13. Age Limit

The minimum age allowed to post on this forum is 13. If we discover that you are under this age your account will be suspended until your 13th birthday.


14. Reporting Posts to the Moderation Team

The report button is a tool to report posts to the moderation team. Do not abuse the report button with insignificant issues that don't disrupt the day-to-day flow of the forum (bad jokes, opinions you don't agree with, etc.). Abuse of the report button can lead to disciplinary action.  Additionally, do not submit blank reports. We can't be expected to guess the specific thing about a post you are upset by.


15. Board Discipline

Significant infractions of the above rules call for a vote by the moderation team. Each of the nine active moderators will cast a vote between 0 and 10. Punishments are determined by the following scale:

  • 90 - Ban
  • 81 to 89 - 1 Year
  • 72 to 80 - 9 Months
  • 63 to 71 - 6 Months
  • 54 to 62 - 3 Months
  • 45 to 53 - 2 Months
  • 36 to 44 - 1 Month
  • 27 to 35 - 2 Weeks
  • 18 to 26 - 1 Week
  • 9 to 17 - 3 Days
  • 0 to 8 - No Punishment


After five moderators have cast their votes the punishment based on the current point total will be assigned. After the fifth vote is cast the remaining moderators will have 72 hours to cast their votes. At the end of 72 hours the cast votes will be averaged with that average assigned as the votes of the absent moderators and the punishment will be increased based on the final point total. In cases where a ban is mathematically possible the ban will only be carried out once all eight moderators have voted regardless of the length of time it takes for the vote to be completed. There is no appeal process. Do not contact any member of the moderation team outside of the CCSLC (Facebook, Twitter, text message, phone call, Skype, email, etc.) to plead your case. NOTE: This does not apply to spammers or to accounts proven to be circumventing board punishments.


16. No Circumvention of Moderation Team Imposed Punishments

  • Any member who exhibits behavioral issues that are noticed by the moderator team or are reported to the moderator team and are issued an official warning by the moderator team will be subject to an IP check.
  • Any member served with a suspension or a ban will immediately have his/her IP address checked. 
  • Members serving suspensions or banned accounts are subject to periodic IP address checks in the interim period after a suspension/banning has been enacted.
  • An IP check will only be conducted after the initiating moderator has consulted with at least one (1) other moderator to determine if it is an appropriate course of action.
  • Members who are found to have created new accounts in order to sidestep punishments are subject to possible further discipline or banning at the discretion of the moderating team after internal discussion. 
  • All new members will automatically have their IP addresses checked as part of the account approval process.
  • The moderating team will consider several criteria in determining if further discipline or banning is warranted. The criteria include, but are not limited to:
    • the amount of time that has passed since the punishment; 
    • the disciplinary record and community standing of the new account; and
    • whether either account has engaged in activity that would unduly benefit an account held by the same person (i.e. voting in contests, transferring fantasy teams).
  • Additionally, any user who flaunts the use of IP masking software or trolls the moderation team in a way that indicates that they were previously banned or suspended will face disciplinary action.


17. No outside advertising

No outside advertising for websites, companies, fantasy leagues, etc. will be allowed on the board.  Exceptions may be considered by the moderator team in cases where outside websites will inherit material removed from the board.


18. Rule Changes

The moderator team retains the right to update these rules as necessary.








Table of Contents:
1. What program do I use?
2. Vector images vs Raster Images: The fight continues
3. How to create a logo or uniform.
4. How do I link to logos from Sportslogos.net?
5. What colour is...
6. Glossary
7. Adobe Illustrator tips.
8. Putting images in your post.
9. I click on the link but I get an error.
10. When I put my logos on my web site, they look different.
11. What the font?
12. I can't start a new topic, wtf?
13. Other info you might need to know.
14. Legal
15. How do I get a custom title under my avatar?
16. What the heck are warning points?
17. Why can't I get a fantasy team?
18. Can I change my username?
19. Requests

1. What program do I use?
The vote is still out on that. It depends on what you want to output, and how much money you have to spend. For raster images, MS Paint (free), Paint Shop Pro ($84) and Adobe Photoshop ($609) are the main ones. Adobe Photoshop is going to give you the most tools, be the best for converting paths into vector images, and also cost you the most. For vector images, either Adobe Illustrator ($499)or Corel Draw ($429). Different people are going to have their opinion on which is the best, and there really is not definitive answer. If you can get your hands on a demo copy, or if a friend has one, try it out. (I have Illustrator, so all my comments and tips will be based on it).

2. Vector images vs Raster Images: The fight continues.
A great explanation of the two images:

There are two types of digital images. The first is called "rasterized," which utilizes colored pixels to display the whole image (this includes .gifs, .jpgs, .bmps and many more). If you open up a rasterized image file, when you zoom in, you can see it becomes "pixilated". Those pixels only contain a certain amount of data and can't re-insert new data when you increase its size. Rasterized graphics can only be scaled down, not up, without much distortion.

The second is vector images. These are graphic files based upon what is called a Bezier curve. It's a little difficult to describe the Bezier system without a visual aid, but basically speaking, it creates curves and lines based on a series of continuous points. These vector files are fully scalable, which is why 95% of all logos you will see are made in vector format. This allows companies to print them as large as a house or as small as a dime without distortion or pixelation Vector images aren't dependent upon pixels for data, but points, which can be recreated and formed at any size.

Photoshop vector files work well with any vector based graphics program. The exported vector paths do not retain any color or layer effects, but that's why Adobe has Illustrator. If you only had Photoshop and used the pen tool to create a logo, the exported file would be a empty path that you can import into any graphics program and assign necessary color information. This is not the intended use for Photoshop, as it is primarily used for raster based (pixels) photo manipulation/creation.

If you want to learn more about vector format from Photoshop, do a Google search on "paths", "layer masks", or "exporting paths to Illustrator" for Photoshop. There are plenty of tutorials on this on the web.

Vector graphics are pretty much the parent file you can always refer back to and use at any size you need. Teeny tiny or way billboard big. It's mathematical and coordinate based. Once you have that, you are golden. You can do anything with it. But it has to be created manually. There is no "save as vector" drop down in the menu of any program.

3. How to create a logo or uniform concept.
Step 1: Get template (templates sticky thread).
Step 2: Insert template into graphics program.
Step 3: Go nuts.
Step 4: Save as jpg, gif, or png.
Step 5: Upload to an image hosting website.  Imgur is the recommended website on the CCSLC.  Photobucket is discouraged.
Step 6: Post it in the concepts forum following the guidelines (LINK).
Step 7: Repeat from step 3 as necessary.
Step 8: Go outside and enjoy your Northern Hemisphere summer.

Makes 1 serving. Please create responsibly. If you make more than one that are for instance the same sport, please post them under the same thread to save on board clutter. And always remember your 3 R's: Practice, Practice, Practice.

There is no direct way to tell you how to create a logo or uniform. You know the basics: pick a team name, city, and colors. From there, it's up to you. Do research on the city for a good name that relates to the community. Normally don't pick the penguins for a South Florida team, but if you have a good reason for it, then go with it. Play around with the colors and designs. Most would agree that their first attempt at something was probably not the finished product. I think most people here would tell you that the way they learned is through practice. Just opening up the program and starting to draw. There are sites online that can give you pointers and ideas, but I don't think you are going to find a book on "how to create vector images". There are so many different ways to go about it, that it would be hard to sum up in a book. My advice is to get an image, open it in Illustrator, and trace it with the pen tool and go from there. Search through some of the post here on the site, there are lots of pointers on vector images.

It basically comes down to recreating them in a vector program.......in other words....good ole-fashioned TRACING.

I suggest often that in a pinch you can trace the image in Macromedia Flash (as it is vector also) and paste that result into IA. Its a wee bit easier to learn to draw in Flash....though not nearly as versatile as AI.

4. How can I link to logos from Sportslogos.net?
Simply link to the URL rather than linking to the image, for now all images on sportslogos.net are blocked from remote linking.

5. What colour is...
You can find the colours for almost any team in any league here -- http://www.colorwerx.net/

6. Glossary
TATC: Turn Ahead the Clock. Basically, it's a look at what the uniform might look like years from now. Usually these concepts are pretty "out there" and non-traditional. 

Rafale: The Quebec Rafales played in the ill-fated IHL during the mid-to-late 1990's (after moving there from Atlanta, where they were the Atlanta Knights). They were one of the teams that disbanded during the IHL's period of pre-demise contraction, but temporarily filled the void of pro hockey in Quebec City. We're using Rafale as a verb to refer to "the act of designing jerseys for these teams using the old uniform style of the Quebec Rafales".

7. Adobe Illustrator tips.
* Draw all the suits in a deck of cards (hearts, clubs, diamonds and spades) with the pen tool. This will help you learn to create lines, curves and merge a line together to make it look right.
* Trace raster images, that you save from the internet, with the pen tool. The pen tool is your best friend when trying to make vector images.
* DEFINITELY learn how to use the keyboard controls and shortcuts as it will save you a ton of time in Illustrator.
* Draw a straight line by holding the shift key. There is an option to set the angles, so you can change them if you don't like the standard 45 & 90 degree angles.

8. Putting images in your post.
You have to have a web site to host the image, then you can link to it in the board. You can not just copy and paste from other web sites or your home computer. Sign up with Imgur or another comparable photo hosting website not named Photobucket and create an on-line "photo album" you can link to images from there. When in doubt, click the post image button above the text field of your post and paste the link to the actual image.

This helpful YouTube video explains how to post pictures hosted on imgur. The steps are similar on other hosting sites.



The board's software should automatically show your image if you paste the image's direct URL into a post.  If not, click the "insert other media" box in the lower right hand corner of the new post window, select "insert image from URL," and paste the image there.


9. I click on the link but I get an error.
If it's a link to a Tripod or Geocities image file (ex. http://www.geocities.com/...../image.gif), you must either copy the URL and paste it into your address bar, or else click & drag the hyperlink into your address bar. However, in some cases where it says "cannot find the page", a page is actually missing, you might want to contact that page's webmaster.

10. When I put my logos on my web site, they look different.
What you want to do is before you save or export anything is check the overall image size resolution. For display on the web, the resolution will be at 72 (anything higher is a waste, takes up space on your site, and makes the file bigger, making it take longer to download). So you want to setup your file correctly so that at 72 dpi (dots per inch) it is the size you want it to be on your screen. You'll want to test it by opening your file through your browser to test before uploading it to your server (no sense wasting the time and effort when you can do offline on your own machine).

Another few check points to look at are:

1. Color format: Make sure you are setup in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) mode, not CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black). If your file is not RGB from the start it will convert from CMYK and you can lose some of the color brilliance. Try to start in RGB if you plan to display on the web.
2. Anti-Alias: This will reduce the jaggy parts of line segments and give a smoother screen appearance (if using a raster based program. vector images do not have this problem).
3. Review the overall file size: keep it at a decent size by not making too large of an image. Remember not everyone has high-speed and some may experience long delays while your file downloads to their browser.
4. For online viewing stick with .jpeg or (if you have a small image) .gif formats. They're very web friendly and should be less likely to have problems. If you want transparency, use .gif.
5. Keep your original concepts in the original format they were designed in, in case you land the right connection and someone needs it for further reproduction. This keeps you from having to do it twice.

Use this site to convert CMYK values to RGB. The formula is not perfect, as the site states, but it will get you close. CMYK to RGB

If you plan on printing your designs professionally, you will want to keep the CMYK values. If you only plan to show your designs online, and print them for your own record, use RGB.

11. What the font?
Sites for fonts. The first site, allows you to scan in images, and it tries to match the scan to a font. Works for the most part, but you have to pay for some fonts. Use it as a guide.

* 1001freefonts.com
* fontparadise.com
* sharkshock.com
* abstractfonts.com

* dafont.com


12. I can't start a new topic, wtf?
As a method of reducing the amount of robo-spammers from popping up on the boards (as well as those who sign up just to make a request then vanish) we implemented a rule that prevented new members from starting a new topic; after you've made three (3) posts around the boards you are automatically allowed to start up a new topic.

13. Other info you might need to know.
* The Detroit Red Wings wear a different font on their nameplates during the pre-season every year, this will not be the font of the nameplates during the regular season

* Those different Tampa Bay Buccaneers jerseys you see them wearing in pre-season practices are not their new uniforms; they wear those every pre-season during practices

14. Legal
Simple, if you didn't create a logo you see on here -- you have no rights to use it for your sports team or fantasy team or anything unless the creator of the logo gave you permission to do so.

Do not tweak or incorporate any other members design without seeking their permission first via a PM.

15. How Do I Get a Custom Title Under My Avatar?
You get one after your 501st post. You can change it in your member profile options.

16. What the heck are warning points?
Warning points represent how many times a moderator has warned you. The number has no official purpose for determining punishments.

17. Why can't I get a fantasy team?
Fantasy teams are perks for members with at least 500 posts AND six (6) months on the boards. Leagues have their own rules in terms of voting processes, etc. Your reputation on the boards will weigh heavily in your likelihood of being selected.  Fantasy leagues are not visible to members until they accumulate 500 posts.


18. Can I change my username?
Members with at least 100 posts may change their usernames in their account settings.  Usernames can only be changed once every 365 days and cannot be vulgar, overtly offensive, or be so close to another CCSLC member as to cause confusion.


19. Requests

Members must have 100 posts in order to request design work.  Those requests must be made in the appropriate forum which will only be accessible once 100 posts have been made.

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