Players Who Played w/ Both Sides of a Rivalry

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15 hours ago, willmorris said:

Darryl Strawberry, Jose Vizcaino, and Ricky Ledee are the only three players who played for all four MLB teams that were once in NYC.


And Strawberry is the only one to have played only for those four teams.  There is something special about having a career defined solely by the Mets, Dodgers, Giants, and Yankees.


Please allow me to make a linguisitic side note. 


We know that teams in general are referred to about as often by their locality names as by their nicknames.  When talking about the Atlanta Braves, for instance, people will sometimes say "the Braves", and will sometimes say "Atlanta", with no pronounced preference for one form or the other.  But when it comes to the Giants and Dodgers, I notice that New Yorkers always use the nicknames.  When referring to those teams, no New Yorker ever says "San Francisco" or "Los Angeles".  No one even says "L.A." when talking about the Dodgers.  (When talking about the Lakers, sure; but not when talking about the Dodgers.)  The Giants and Dodgers are always referred to by their nicknames, just as are the Yankees and Mets and all other New York teams.  And this is true even when the city names are being used for all other teams. Like, if I were reciting from memory the list of N.L. West champions (I know all the division winners from the four-division era 1969-1993 by heart), I would say it this way: "1969, Atlanta; 1970, Cincinnati; 1971, the Giants; 1972 and 1973, Cincinnati; 1974, the Dodgers; 1975 and 1976, Cincinnati...".  I am pleased to report the existence of this tendency in New Yorkers, as I find it to be a wonderful little remnant of the enduring legacy of the Giants and Dodgers as parts of the culture of New York City.


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3 hours ago, Crabcake47 said:

I’d youre trying to make a joke, it went right over my head. Cause the dude in the Bears uniforms is definitely not AP. 

The dude in the Bears uniform is also named Adrian Peterson, and he also played running back. Obviously, he's not AP though.

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