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  1. If there's a team this decade that will move, I'm gonna guess the Tennessee Titans. Nashville right now has the smallest urban population of any 3 sport market (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, and MLS are the 5 major leagues). Even though the Preds lost about $11 mil last year according to Forbes, they are so beloved in Nashville that it's hard to see them moving. And their MLS team just became a thing, so I doubt they'd pull the plug so soon. That leaves the Titans. As for what cities are options for relocation, the following cities are the only ones with even a remote chance of landing an NFL team: Portland San Diego San Antonio OKC Virginia Beach / Norfolk NYC Chicago Considering another NYC team would owe the Giants and Jets a large chunk of change for territorial rights, that is very unlikely to happen, especially with no viable stadium. And out of the other options, Portland and San Diego both haven't shown much willingness at all to building a new stadium. I would love to see an NFL team in the Virginia Beach / Norfolk area. It would need a stadium, but just a few years ago Virginia Beach was so close to approving a new arena until that fell apart at the last second. I hope they get a chance in one of the major sports soon. Finally, even though I'm very biased, I think a second Chicago team would do great. We support the Cubs and Sox well in baseball (people love to rip on Sox fans, but there are actually a crap-ton of them). We are the third-largest market in the country by any metric. Plus, many people here are sick of the Bears' constant ineptitude. An even halfway-decent AFC team in Chicago could be a huge hit.
  2. I guess I'm in the minority here, but I don't like the jerseys and colors. Very disappointed. You seriously need to have FOUR shades of blue? Really? That seems so minor league to me. Oh and thank god you went the Vegas route and added a red stripe on your uniforms that looks really out of place. This identity would've been so much sleeker had green been used somewhere. This screams generic to me. I have to say I love the logos though, and I actually love the name.
  3. I love the double green, especially for a Seattle team!!! Don't change a thing imo.
  4. Update: we are now at 8 teams, but I would still love to add 2 more!
  5. Why did they keep their color scheme? IMO it's currently the worst in the NBA. Be the NBA team to own brown Memphis!
  6. The dude in the Bears uniform is also named Adrian Peterson, and he also played running back. Obviously, he's not AP though.
  7. I think the "in-between look" is by far the best of the three looks. The retro BiG look is clearly dated and a little bright for my liking, while the current look is too drab and dark. Navy blue and yellow is a great combo that isn't used by any MLB team at the moment, except the Rays I guess. I think the Brewers should run with it and make that their full-time look, and use the current uniform template and logo instead of the retro stuff.
  8. First off, I took it way out of hand with the "serious issues" part of my post, and I sincerely apologize. That was extremely wrong and disgusting on my part and just a flat-out incorrect statement. Anyways, everyone has a right to their opinion, and I respect yours, but I still am having a tough time understanding why this is a big deal. The meeting was organized in order to discuss what to do about the anthem protests. If an owner does not want his players to kneel, then why should they be allowed to? The owner is the boss, he should be able to make the rules for his organization and all of his employees. The players are employees of the owner, hence, the players are not in charge, and are subject to discipline at the owner's discretion for not following his rules. That is what McNair was trying to say. He was not attacking black people with his comment. Again, he could've said it in a more ideal way, but it is hard to remember every different way of saying the same analogy. Thus, labeling McNair as a racist I think would be incorrect.
  9. To be fair, McNair was just using a cliche to express his point. Why should everyone go around worrying about if they're accidentally going to offend someone all the time? His word choice was poor, I guess, but he obviously wasn't calling his players, or any players, inmates.
  10. The whole reason they were ever considered for expansion/relocation was because they would be home to DC's team. Once the Nationals arrived in DC itself and not the burbs, that killed any chance Northern VA had. I love Virginia Beach as a potential home for a new team. Not sure why they don't get much love. A baseball team would be the only game in town, in the 12th most populous state in the US. They are far enough from DC to carve out their own fanbase, and they could even draw from Northern NC in the long term. The drawbacks I see are that it would become the smallest TV market in the league (not by too much though), and it probably isn't realistic right now because Virginia Beach and Norfolk would almost surely fight to the death over who gets a potential Hampton Roads team. In any event I hope it happens.
  11. Pioneers or Lumberjacks, with brown and green as the colors. That would make for a unique color scheme.
  12. Hurricanes and Capitals are the only NHL logos that I hate, so I'd say them.
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