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  1. Of all the times for Brian Flores to bench Ryan Fitzpatrick, I don't see how it makes sense for him to do it now. They're on a roll right now and playing like a potential playoff contender. Tua was always going to see the field at some point this year, but this seems like the worst possible timing.
  2. I'm loving the new ESPN scorebug. I think it's a nice upgrade over the previous one (which I didn't mind at all).
  3. Does anybody know why FOX decided to bring back the MLB theme this season? I was so happy when I heard it on Saturday, but I'm just wondering why it took them 10 years to finally correct their horrendous mistake.
  4. I actually like Redhogs. Pigskins sounds a little too cute, but Redhogs gives them the ability to come with an identity similar to the Arkansas Razorbacks. Slap some burgundy and gold on a mean pig and you've got a nice primary or secondary logo.
  5. You mean to tell me that this guy may not be very bright? I'm shocked. Shocked I tell you!
  6. The best thing about Patrick Mahomes is that in 5-10 years, he's going to take the "Greatest QB of all-time" title away from Brady. And when Mahomes starts breaking all of his passing records, I'm sure Brady will probably be selling some kind of TB12 vitamin supplement that "cures skin cancer with electrolytes" and co-hosting a Podcast called "White QBs Matter" with Peyton Manning.
  7. Replace "Sentinels" with "Warriors" or "Rebels" and you're done. I also thought this was an interesting concept but seems like it's too radical of an idea for someone like Dan Snyder...
  8. Ugh. It continues to amaze me just how stubborn certain organizations are when it comes to their quarterback situation. But it doesn't surprise me that Beane and McDermott, the guys who thought Nate Peterman was a suitable backup for two years, wouldn't want to sign Cam Newton for the league minimum. I mean where is the logic in upgrading your QB depth right? It's not like first round picks don't ever regress in their third or fourth years right? So if Jarrett Stidham doesn't work out, Belichick can turn to a former MVP who is still in his prime, when healthy. If Josh Allen gets hurt, next up on the Bills depth chart is.... Matt Barkley.
  9. Love the return of the red helmets. The numbers seem a bit odd to me, like a little too stretched out, but overall I think this a solid look. I wouldn't mind seeing the white striped socks worn with both the home and road unis.
  10. I'll just stick with my trusted copies of Madden 2003-2005 on PS2, thank you very much. I think the last Madden game I thoroughly enjoyed playing was probably Madden 10.
  11. Thank you for pointing this out! It drives me nuts that the white helmet horns were absolutely pointless and no one would have cared if they had just stuck with the gold horns for a couple of years. I also just realized that it's been a full 20 years since we last saw the Rams wear the greatest road uniform they've ever had and should have never changed. They were iconic. I look forward to the Rams (hopefully) bringing these back in five years when they're forced to admit their mistake like the Bucs and Browns did.
  12. A month or so ago I absolutely hated the new Falcons unis. But after seeing what the Rams revealed today, I will gladly stare at that Falcons jersey for a solid hour just to get the "bone" atrocity out of my brain. Sounds kinda painful.
  13. YES to both of these. If the Seahawks made that their primary unis, they would instantly be Top 5 in the NFL, IMO. I love the blend of those colors with the original logo.
  14. I liked Fromm from what I saw from him at Georgia. The Bills taking him despite already having a young unquestioned starter reminds of me of when they drafted Trent Edwards in '07. Unlike Edwards, Fromm could develop into a nice long-term backup, so long as the Bills don't prematurely throw him to the wolves like they did with Nathan Peterman.
  15. Does back-to-back AFL titles in the 1960s count as a dynasty? How about four straight Super Bowl participant trophies?
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