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  1. Trout could join Salmon as another lifelong Angel after this move! hehe Hopefully with Scoscia gone, maybe the Angels can start competing in the AL West again. But it feels like this is going to be another 80-85 win year again.
  2. I was talking about their season in general.
  3. I wonder what the odds are that we'll see Al Michaels calling his last NFL game in the 2022 Super Bowl (Los Angeles). You guys think he'll do another three years?
  4. I remember when the NFL got really hyped for the Browns going into 2008 after they went 10-6 the year before. I think they were given five primetime games that year, and of course they crashed and burned because they're the Browns. I would expect no fewer than four primetime games for the Browns this year, not including any games that could be flexed. It sounds like they could face the Pats in the Sunday night opener. I'd also expect a Browns/Steelers on SNF or MNF for sure. Browns fans should feel much better about the national attention this year because Baker Mayfield > Derek Anderson obviously.
  5. So the Browns go out and acquire one of the top five best receivers in the NFL for their second year QB, while the Bills also make a HUGE splash by signing... wait for it..... Cole Beasley. SMH
  6. Perhaps after agreeing to sign with the Jets, Anthony Barr was told what the new uniforms were going to look like and he was like "Nope. I'm out," and went back to the Vikings. Makes sense right?
  7. Hopefully the Jets' redesign is closer to what the Jags did last year. Nothing too bold, just keep it simple. These weren't a home run, but they're definitely better than the abomination that the Titans came up with.
  8. I'm curious as to what the Bills were willing to give up. If they were just going to swap first round picks I could have gotten on board with that. But there's no way this move would have panned out anyway. Even if Josh Allen takes a huge step forward next year, a guy like AB isn't going to be happy on a 7-9/8-8 team where he's only getting about 5-6 targets a game.
  9. Bills trading for Antonio Brown on the 10th anniversary of signing Terrell Owens? Cool! EDIT: Looks like Rapoport might have jumped the gun a little bit...
  10. The Pelicans have now beaten the Nuggets and Jazz on the road in their last two games. Jrue Holiday is playing like an absolute monster.
  11. I don't even care that both teams are wearing the same color scheme. This was a glorious uni matchup. The Pelicans need to adopt these colors full-time.
  12. So the Lakers lose to the AD-less Pelicans on the road and give up 100 points before the 4th quarter even started. There's a strong possibility that LeBron is going to not make the playoffs for the first time since 2005. YouTube had just been launched that same spring. That's crazy.
  13. This was an underrated uniform matchup last night. As others have said, it's refreshing to see the traditional white at home vs road colors since it's become such a rarity.
  14. It's a good thing that Colin Kaepernick never solicited a prostitute or else he'd be out of the NFL.