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Ironbirds Concept


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Well, mostly vectorized anyway. Both logos done in Inkscape. Still gettin used to it, and i havent figured out how to color things in inkscape yet. The fill/stroke dialog isnt it. So I colored em in paint, did the unis in paint:


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got some help for ya.

if you use the BEZIER tool to outline the section you want colored, then SELECT YOUR FILL COLOR, etc. from the fill dialogue, you will get your color. (use NO STROKE on color fill areas to avoid phantom lines)

after your color is there, SEND IT BACK a layer until you see the lines you want to show.

then when you have everything all finished, you can SELECT IT ALL and GROUP IT so it moves as one.

rule of thumb is PICTURE EVERYTHING AS INDEPENDENT SHAPES AND LAYERS instead of as a white "canvas."

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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