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Wiss's Feilds


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Im gonna be making fields.

This shouldn't fail like my other threads now that it isn't logo design.

Essentially what ill be doing is making fields for various sports. 

Everything is either 1/10th scale or full scale depending the size.

leave ideas?

I did a few already, hears a hockey rink


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1 hour ago, WissX said:

surprisingly not.

Ah I see.


Well, I guess this is a European rink?  There is a lack of a trapezoid  and also appears to be European due to width. 


The net on the left actually looks smaller than the net on the right to me, but it may be optical. Also the dimensions of the net seem off, but I am not sure if European creases are bigger (they may be).


Is there a particular reason that there is a rectangle around the rink?



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