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  1. St. Louis is presently considered a frontrunner for MLS's 28th team. There's something vaguely military about the shape of the logo, which works for a city known for its arsenal. I'd think, with this crest, uniforms would need pops of gold to distance from FC Dallas, Real Salt Lake, and other red/blue teams.
  2. A huge improvement. My one problem is that the Ozarks aren't snow-capped as they look to be in your logo.
  3. Why do you have the giant outlines? They really clutter your template.
  4. Get rid of those superthick outlines on your template. They're really cluttering what we can see.
  5. The firework clock is ingenious. Unfortunately, the only association I make with NY is New York. NYE is more what I think of for New Year's Eve.
  6. I don't think you're going to get much support here for asking people to come up with your ideas for you; it's not really what the community has been built on. What I can tell you is what I use to help me generate ideas for leagues. 1) Lists of cities. This could be a list of the largest cities, the largest metropolitan areas, or any of a number of things. One league I've been working on off and on, I only took cities ranked #50 to #100 to create a minor league. 2) Maps. Getting an idea of where cities are relative to each other will help you put together realistic divisions. 3) Wikipedia and websites about cities. Reading about the history and culture of a place will give you tons of ideas for realistic names for a team. 4) This list here, from right on the boards. A great resource for after you've exhausted the above list. I hope this all helps--good luck!
  7. That red arc in the C has a small problem--it has the tiniest bit poking out at the bottom. It would be cleaner to either extend it or not show it at all.
  8. With the right program, you could kern the text to get around that. There's an awful lot of space around that alef that doesn't need to be there and would buy you that space you need. Seeing as it looks like you're using Paint, I recommend typing each letter individually, rather than in a text block, so you can kern by hand.
  9. Diagonal text across a horizontal stripe looks really awkward.
  10. Think about how the text comes across the seams of the jersey. Here, it would be easier to reproduce in fabric if you just put Be'er on one side of the button placket and Sheva on the other.
  11. I disagree with the above poster 100%. It's a great tie-in to the city, which it seems logos emphasize more these days, and its flow lends itself well to many applications that fit Seattle--nautical, aeronautic, Art Deco. Keep up the great work!
  12. Of all of the color schemes, I prefer the originality of the grey in the first post.
  13. Finally got it to work, and voted. Hoping you get it. Though, now that I think about it, that kid's monogram isn't half-bad.