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  1. Is the cap on your avatar a real team or a fantasy team? That logo looks pretty cool.

    1. Whittier S

      Whittier S

      I designed the cap, part of the Clink Club program that Brandiose used to run. Unfortunately, they selected my cap for production only a month before they shut the program down altogether. No one ever bought any--I would have received a commission if they had--so I own the only four in existence, as part of their purchase of my design.

    2. neo_prankster


      I'm very sorry.

    3. Whittier S

      Whittier S

      It was a raw deal, I suppose, but I did get paid a modest amount, and I really needed the money at the time, so it worked out in the short term. It's just a shame I don't own the rights to it anymore so I can't do anything with it.