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  1. @BigRed618 Actually saw you develop this over on Reddit. You made great progress from what you've posted here, and you should be proud of your revision process. You really ought to post your final draft here.
  2. It looks like Minnesota has taken over part of Wisconsin in that map.
  3. A slight change of angle with the legs, and you have an F to go with the S of the body.
  4. Now, because of its placement, I so want to see it tilted the way you hold a guitar to play it, though that's probably too funny or tacky. On the flipside, I think it would help the fit on the jersey because it's so vertical.
  5. You could shape the S and G into the body of the guitar, with the Space Needle as the neck.
  6. I know you did this quickly, but you've got some leftover green on the home* shorts. *I don't remember what the NBA calls white uniforms now.
  7. It's bugging me visually that you're building this logo up with lines rather than shapes. That's making it look flat and not very polished.
  8. Smart use of a triangle for the Bay Area. It looks more like a robot than a cyborg to me. I expect some human elements to show through.
  9. That works. You could also have it go behind the arm, which is where my mind was going, but this works, too.
  10. I would curl up the tail of the merman back and behind, so the logo is squarer and more versatile.
  11. I'm seeing too much Kansas State.
  12. Am I imagining things, or was that a proposed name for the Colorado Avalanche?
  13. I don't associate snowcaps with the Alleghenies.
  14. You'll always be best off sticking to those first seven colors (though argent and or are technically metals) and maybe a little use of fur. I'm presently working on twelve coats of arms and I'm only using a fur once.