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Tank syumper 12/19/02


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I have to debate you on this one, Tank.  The Dolphins' defense was not named the "53".  A particular formation of the Dolphins' defense was the "53" - Specifically, when the Dolphins shifted from their standard 4-3 to a 3-4.  Manny Fernandez would move from left tackle to nose tackle with Bob Heinz, the right tackle, coming out of the game.  Bob Matheson -#53 - was the fourth linebacker.  The situation was different from the Bears' "46" in that the "53" was not Miami's base defense, they would shift into it when the situation dictated it, like a "nickel" or a "dime" defense.

P.S.  The leader of the Dolphins' defense was Hall of Fame Middle Linebacker Nick Buoniconti.  Matheson was a pass defense specialist in an era before defensive specialization was prevalent.  Since he was the player added to the mix, the defensive formation was the "53".

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Hmm I could of have sworn they refered to it as teh 53 but it could be just a formation. It was on one of thoe NFL IFlms thinsg sometimes things are taken out of context in their intervuews.
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