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ManUtd Sign Wayne Rooney...


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Woo hoo.............I love it,workin on my Rooney sig now :notworthy:

But seriously,as much as i like this kid,what does it mean for the future of THE striker RVN.With all the speculation over the summer,and now the addition of a big-time English name,will Rudd still be there? could be entertaining :)

Smitty has been a revalation so far too eh amare :P

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I would imagine Van Nistelrooy will stay.

And Smith has always been an awesome striker, in many ways the equal of Rooney. Just Leeds had taken to playing him in midfield in the last season or two.

Rooney or no....Ruud is the man :D

PS. Have any of my fellow footie fans,entered the contest to get yourself in the upcoming SI Games Football Manager 2005


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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