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Heavy vs. The NCAA ((Part 138 - The Eyes of Texas are disappointed))


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Speaking of a perfect look for a college team... one exists in the MAC or it should really...





If the Eagles of Philadelphia can't decide whether to retain their classic Cunningham looks then I figure East Michigan can benefit from this classic look.

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  • heavybass changed the title to Heavy vs. The NCAA ((Part 133 - West Michigan Broncos))

The long road of starting this has finally lead to this point.... after 1-2 years of beginning this thread, I can finally announce that we have completed a division for the first time.




West Michigan's new rebrand and simplifying only offers one opinion.... it's bad whilst they tried to reduce the amount of colors used, you have a color scheme that is similar to Montana AND you wasted about $672k in this design.

So making the best with what is offered... I tried to guess with what they would eventually look like ((previous gold was actually better))

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  • heavybass changed the title to Heavy vs. The NCAA ((Part 134 - USF Bulls))

Next up is the in-form team of the Group 5... a side that died briefly due to shenanigans from supporters in Alabama that wanted to galvanize the Crimson Tide at the expense of this team but now they are the best side to be considered for AAC expansion...

Say hello to the...




The best football team in the state of Alabama without question, has a unique look and has built a quality stadium this year to supplement the extra money they'll get from leaving the C-USA... they are AAC bound so I focus on that green and gold look to simplicity before introducing the alt which is know as.... The Dragon's Lair.

With C-USA complete, we are looking at a conference that is literally on it's death knells.

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  • heavybass changed the title to Heavy vs. The NCAA ((Part 135 - UAB Blazers))
  • heavybass changed the title to Heavy vs. The NCAA ((Part 136 - San Jose State))

And now to conclude the Group of 5.... with the team that is red hot right now.





A team that only exists football wise within 5 years is literally one of the best looking sides right now outside BYU and Cincinnati... and their form from last year is still going as we speak.

So a look of Black, White and Teal and doing it WAY better than the Jacksonville Jaguars is what I went with... no bronze but that is because it wouldn't of worked with this look, B, W and T is the prefered look of this side and it shows.

With that, all the group 5 conferences are done and we move back to Power 5 to conclude.... and unfortuately for me, the eyes of Texas will be upon Austin and glare at them for being complete greedy :censored:s.

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  • heavybass changed the title to Heavy vs. The NCAA ((Part 137 - Coastal Carolina))

Final time into the Power 5 where the last remaining bastions of considerable heavyweights have been untouched and so we begin with a team that has been hoodwinked by Disney money, the team from Austin known as the Longhorns, that supports the monkier of Texas whose greedy uncaring traditional methods have destroyed the Big 12 and hookwinked Oklahoma into joining them into the SEC where they'll become whipping posts for the mid to lower SEC teams because honestly they'll be amongst the Vanderbilts and the Tennessees in the low end of the SEC.

Eh what do I know about football apart from :censored:ting on Austin, Texas?







So tradition gets kicked to the curb, if you are a longhorn fan then you would be crying out for the team to finally embrace alternatives and not stick to the burnt orange/white home and double white road... luckily I broke this by adding burnt orange pants as an option giving them variety at home/road.

The Black alts return as a first option but the all burnt oranges are new with a lighter off white/orange giving differences that you wouldn't believe.

The only positives that I see the SEC moves for Texas/Oklahoma is that 1, it forces Alabama to go to the East block as well as Auburn but 2, is that the SEC will enforce PODS in order to make that division exciting...

But as long as the NCAA embraces the Crimson Tide koolaid... nothing changes in college football and then everything will turn to :censored:.... like Formula 1.

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  • heavybass changed the title to Heavy vs. The NCAA ((Part 138 - The Eyes of Texas are disappointed))

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