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Steelers Concept


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I'm gonna start doing team-by-team concepts for what I'd like to see in the NFL. Most of them will be slight changes, as this Pittsburgh one is. I ditched those goofy Bears-knockoff numbers and went back to the block numbers of the Steel Curtain glory days, and also ditched the logo patch on the jersey. I don't really know why some teams use logos on the jersey front, *coughJetscough*, but I find it unneccesary and redundant. I replaces the logo with the Steelers script under the collar. Lemme know what you guys think.


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I like the current Steelers jerseys a lot. The font looks nothing like the Bear's, and it's far more dynamic than a standard block typeface.

I do like your idea of removing the logo and adding the wordmark. I don't mind the black shoe idea, either.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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