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  1. The 'B' is nice, but overall it all feels generic to me. As someone else mentioned, the bird logo has too much empty space, and I'm not a fan of it being purple since one of the most defining characteristics of ravens is that they're black. I think you should think in terms of totally blowing up the current branding, instead of making tweaks.
  2. I just found this thread in doing research for my own OHL concepts, and I think it's some really great work; well researched and presented. Your philosophy and opinions are much like my own. My favorites so far are your Mississauga (that M mark is just amazing) and North Bay (another great logo and very effective way to avoid using that putrid olive green). Here's hoping you pick this series up again soon!
  3. I'm assuming this is the new Indonesian authentic that retailers will have; no way the replicas will feature chain stitching. Quite lame that it has that Adidas button.
  4. I think the most underrated great thing about the new jerseys is how the hem stripes all follow the curve of the hem. It was always a big pet peeve of mine with the Edge that teams with straight hem stripes had that awkward orange slice-shaped chunk of fabric below the stripes. Before After
  5. I was hoping I could edit my reply before anyone read that. *facepalm*
  6. Wow, bummer, I guess that Icethetics Oilers leak was legit.
  7. The bottom line to me is the Preds' uniforms need to be bulldozed, not gently massaged. They have a nice color scheme, but the rest of their identity is crap.
  8. Are you suggesting they wear 1995 Blues uniforms?
  9. Don't hold your breath; there will probably be a "top 40 goals of 3 years ago" list thrown in there before they get to it.
  10. Damn, thought I was the only one here with a Dr. Strangelove avatar...
  11. I'd like to see the RANGERS script properly spaced again, after Reebok had to squish it in because they couldn't figure out how to make a jersey without a seam in the way.
  12. Haha. As a Hawks fan I've never been a fan of the 1997 Broncos-ripoff collar Reebok was using as their default. I don't mind the new one so much, as long as they don't do the white-in-front-black-in-back thing
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