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Woo-ooh, dream weaver...


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As some of you may know (or guessed) I'm a huge fan of the Portland Winter Hawks of the WHL.  Most of my jersey concepts have the name and number of a former Hawk, if they play for the team of that jersey concept.

Well, last night I dreamt that I was watching the Hawks play, but they wearing a different jersey than what they normally wear.  Their jerseys are indentical to the Chicago Blackhawks, except for the name/# fonts and the shoulder patches.  Anyhow, the jersey in my dream was a road red, with trim similar to the Calgary Flames jerseys.  Furthermore, the crest was similar to the one used on their ill-fated 25th Anniversary alt jerseys -- for more on that click here.

And so, here is a visual of what I saw in my dream.  It's pretty close, actually.


I don't know if I can blame the burrito and pineapple chunks I had before bed, but I wouldn't rule it out... :D

Thanks to Roger Clemente for the template and Flames jersey resources, TheSLE for the WHL and Hawks head logo, the Winter Hawks for the shoulder logos, Chris Creamer for the CHL logo, and myself for the 2001/02 name and number fonts.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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