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Canucks 2023 Alt & Reverse Retro


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Basing these two concepts off of rumours seen off the internet, which we know are always true.


First one has the Canucks promoting the black skate jersey to full-time third jersey. While browsing Reddit last week, someone mentioned it will be promoted, but with "tweaks." There was no additional info provided on what the tweaks might be, so I took a guess at the tweaks being changing the font to their current look and adding a re-coloured stick-in-rink logo to the shoulders.


As for the Reverse Retro, it seems they may be going to the flying-V's, but in their current colours. I thought why not stick with the original colours and flip them around.




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Addition of the Stick in rink looks good. Not crazy about the double outline on the skinny Agency font; I'd ditch the white.


Red flying V looks good; perhaps a bit Flames-y, but far better than the yellow!

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That red RR jersey is amazing, however if you're going to use the v on the pants, it might look good with the v yokes from the 1980s post-flying-v unis as well

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Last two RR concepts for this thread...


I went outside the box with these ones and based them off a Canucks prototype from the 90s when they were rumoured to switch to black and teal.WgNhtRl.pngxQXT4Fa.png


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