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hat sizing — Ebbets Field Flannels?

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As someone who owns more than 150 hats, I have noticed that hat sizes are far from consistent. And I don't even mean across manufacturers; I have New Era hats of size 7⅜ and others of size 7½ that fit exactly the same.


Right now I am contemplating buying a hat that I really want from Ebbets Field Flannels. So I am hoping that somebody here has experience with that company, so I can get an idea whether its hat sizing is relatively consistent, or whether its sizing is all over the place like New Era's.


I recently bought a New Era cap from a seller on eBay, and that person graciously agreed to allow me to exchange the 7⅜ hat for a different size if had turned out not to fit. Fortunately, this was not necessary, as the cap fit perfectly. In order to find out whether EFF has a similarly friendly approach to exchanges, I have written several e-mails to the company, but I have received no answer. EFF's automated advertising e-mails invite customers to call a phone number; but calls to that number get you to a recording that just tells you to write an e-mail. Grr.


So I'd be interested if anyone here has any insight either into the sizing practices of EFF, or into its exchange policy.


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12 minutes ago, dont care said:

I’m never ordering a cap unless it’s adjustable. I only buy fitted caps in person to try on and make sure they fit

I certainly understand that. I try to keep to this practice, as well, and I have passed up plenty of hats because of it.


But after I found that the seller of the New Era cap was going to allow me to exchange the cap if the size was wrong, I went for it on that occasion.


In this case, there is no other way that I could ever obtain this cap, so it might be worth the risk. EFF does indeed sell an adjustable version; but for more than $50, I'd like to avoid an adjustable cap.


That's why I am seeking feedback on the company's degree of consistency in sizing, and on its likelihood to allow an exchange if need be.


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I finally received an e-mail response from the company. The e-mail calls attention to the return and exchange policy that is on their site, a page that I had not seen. The policy says that returns and exchanges are accepted within 30 days, and it specifically mentions size as a reason.


So that's all I needed to know. I have taken the risk and spent the 50-plus dollars (even after a promo code) on the size that I think is most likely to fit me. 


Let's see what happens. I hope I will not have to use the exchange policy, but I am certainly glad that it's there.


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