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Tank Stumper 9/30/2004


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Oops u are right I read my own web page wrong lol

On April 8th the Expos beat the New York Mets in their first game ever at Shea Stadium 11-10. Six days later in the first Major League game played in Canada the Expos win their home opener at Jarry Park against the St. Louis Cardinals 8-7, thanks to Mack Jones 3-run HR. Just 3 days after the Home Opener, the Expos would make history again, when Bill Stoneman No Hits the Philadelphia Phillies at Jarry Park, making the Expos the fastest team ever to throw a No Hitter. However, despite the early success the Expos still suffer expansion pains, and finish in Last Place with a 52-110 record.

I read the Stoneman no hitter against Phillies and thought it was home opener.,

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