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Fantasy roller hockey league


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While the chances of a new professional inline hockey league ever reaching the level of the major 4, or even the RHI r not very good right now, one can dream. So what if there was a National Roller Hockey League? If there was, I hope these would be the teams and jerseys. I just made the dark jerseys. Maybe white versions will come too. I hope to make a full set of jerseys for a 30 team league. Copy and paste on all pics. Please comment on them, be specific please. Feel free to make your own concepts as well. Also I take no credit for the logos, most come from logo server and some r modified clipart.

Arizona Aliens

Boston Bulldogs

California Cobras

Detroit Harriers

Florida Firebirds

Long Island Lions

Toronto Trojans

Wisconsin Wolves

Portland Nightmare

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I'll take a shot at comments.

Aliens- Yipes. That logo gives me the heebie jeebies. Too black and white though. Throw a little color in there.

Bulldogs- Put some color in this one too, perhaps red.

Cobras- Darken the green.

Harriers- Team name, I like it. I'd say a little white or black as a trim color.

Firebirds- Dem's bright. I guess it would fit "Firebirds" well, but that's one bright jersey.

Lions- Is that the Pee Dee Pride logo? :D I like the name and colors, but not that jersey template.

Trojans- Run! It's an Arab Trojan named Hij Hij! LOL, in all seriousness, I'd say do a complete overhaul on this one. I've just never thought of Spartans or Trojans as a professional-caliber team name. It just seems more of a high school/college nickname, and change the numbering and lettering.

Wolves- I like that one. Just a little of that blue as a trim color and I think you might have a winner there.

Overall, pretty cool stuff. I noticed you included a lot of alliteration in your team names, ala Boston Bulldongs, Toronto Trojans, Wisconsin Wolves, etc but I'd suggest to maybe change the Arizona Aliens team name. It just doesn't roll right off the tongue, but that's probably something a real team would consider, and not a fantasy concept team. :;):


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thanks a lot for the comments, ill wait a little before I change uniforms/ names just to see what other people have to say. more will be on the way shortly. By the way that bulldogs jersey is supposed to be green. For all the other viewers id reallya ppreciate it if you gave me some input.

Also, lol, the hij hij on the trojan one is because on the washington capitals letter template, they r next to each other, and h and i were really easy to do, rather than making all J's.  I got lazy on the rest and just typed it in.

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Just added the portland nightmare. c'mon, 67 views and one person has gave me input...

Portland Nightmare is decent, but try not to complain about not getting comments. If people want to reply, they will.


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