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Ccm vintage series


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I just got a catalog from Frozen Pond in Toronto, and they are taking pre-orders for the September release of both the heritage sweaters and jerseys, as well as somthing to be made of durene that looks to be the uniforms worn in the 67-68 season. Anyone have any info.? I'll post a list of what is scheduled to come out if anyones interested.

"Hats for bats. Keep bats warm. Gracias"

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i dont have any info, but i really hope they sell whaler jerseys. Why they didnt this year i dont know. That color combination, logo, and jersey is some of the best sports has seen.

They didn't sell Whaler jerseys for the simple reason that the names and logos of the Hartford Whalers do not belong to the NHL.

They are the property of the City of Hartford, Connecticuit and have been since the Whalers left to become the Hurricanes in Carolina.

It was a result of a judgement which allowed Peter Carmanos (owner of the Carolina Hurricanes) to break his lease agreement with the Hartford Arena.

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