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Raleigh Rebels Concept


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This is purely just a concept post. I understand what evivid is doing with the actual logo, and I really like the direction that the logo is going in. Nice work.

This is just an idea I had when I first heard there was going to be a team named the Raleigh Rebels. I live about a half hour from Raleigh, and went ahead with a "rebel" concept I've had for a while.

This was in no way influenced by Nitros tight concept for the Freebirds, which is real nice. I've actually had it drawn for a week now, and just finished up the wordmark so I could post it.

I know its part of the rebel flag, but the current logo has guns, so what the heck, why not. I just thought it was a pretty unique way to go about a rebel logo, w/out the stereotypical but classic southern gentleman.

c&c appreciated. Once again, just following through on a concept idea.


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I like it. I think this logo would look excellent on a ballcap. It'd probably sell well also, I'm sure some southerners would pick it up merely for the symbol. Who knows, maybe start a clothing line, let's say the Rowdy Rebel? :P

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