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i'm in the process of making different concepts for different ncaa and nba teams and i was wondering if anyone knew where i could get different minnesota and wolves fonts made (i'm of course talking about making minnesota timberwolves concepts) i have drawn some logos w/o fonts but my scanner is busted so i was going to work on the jerseys, i was also wondering how to save the images of niketeam basketball jerseys so i could use them. as soon as i complete different styles i will post them, as of now i have only completed 2 SMS baseball concepts.

thanks for any help.

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The easiest way I've found to work with NikeTeam uniforms is to get it to the final screen so that it's all made and hit print screen on the keyboard.  Then open up MS Paint and hit paste.  Crop the image so that all you're left with is the unifrom.  Then, save it as whatever you want.

Yeah do that.  Do exactly THAT

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