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  1. Let us not forget both the Royals and Mets wearing black drop shadows on their wordmark along with black jerseys and hats/helmets. This was also when the Royals wore vest jerseys.
  2. I actually might still have a color photo of these jerseys, if I remember correctly.
  3. Looks like something Nike would have come up with.
  4. I think this was SMS/Missouri State Bears best baseball look, unfortunately when they went to Adidas they went to a terrible generic look!
  5. If Miami can use that "Miami" word mark, i would like to see Mizzou do something similar but as a updated retro.
  6. Gives me a Atlanta Falcons vibe, if they were a basketball team.
  7. You should check out the word mark on the jerseys of Southwest Baptist University Bearcats women's basketball team from Bolivar, Missouri, NCAA d-2 school.
  8. Looks a little to much like Oregon State Beavers in the shoulder harness design.
  9. With the settlement done, i have a feeling somewhere down the road college football and basketball games WILL come back.
  10. This is another concept i did a few years ago, and believe this would look great.
  11. I did this concept a number of years ago and believe this would look great as a alternate throwback.
  12. Ignore the bottom picture i accidently posted the Mac rings again.
  13. Missouri State Lady Bears basketball MVC championship rings.
  14. Missouri State Bears Swimming and Diving MAC Championship rings, kind of boring but Champions they are.
  15. As a Missouri State Bears fan, i would love to see you visit FCS teams like the Missouri Valley Conference, but i have to say you hit a home run with this series, GREAT job!!
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