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  1. The 2 sites i use mostly are... https://www.speedlineathletic.com/ https://www.miteam.adidas.com/men-football/
  2. Here is a good website i use for my concepts, and they use png so you can use them for white of colored uniforms. www.sportslogoshistory.com
  3. Using a alternate version of their current logo, thanks to @BenjiJ for the wolf head logo!
  4. I posted this updated "retro" concept some time back! https://i.imgur.com/sTjIK16.jpg
  5. At the Reeds Spring Humane Society thrift store i bought a $90 pair of red Nike sneakers for $2 and a authentic Dodger jersey for my dad for $3.
  6. I would have a white outline around wordmark and numbers, and drop "Miami" on the sleeve OR add "Marlins", other than that looks good.
  7. Missouri State Men's and Women's teams received new Adidas uniforms this season, i post some photos from media day but they aren't great looks at them though.
  8. The Reeds Spring basketball coach asked for a concept design for new road unis which i did and the next pic was what he actually did. He actually wanted to use a alternate wolf head design on the jersey but the MSHSAA said no, so i did a mock up for him as a home uniform. Special thanks to @BenjiJ for creating the wolf head for me, it turned out AWESOME.
  9. The Blues actually gifted Laila with her own genuine engraved Stanley Cup Champions ring!
  10. I believe that Florida State needs to eliminate the Seminole pattern from the neckline and possibly make the numbers a little smaller, but that is just my opinion.
  11. I think ALL conferences should do something like this in ALL sports!
  12. Found photos of a couple of St Louis Cardinals League championship rings, sorry if these have been posted before but i didn't see them on this thread. https://i.imgur.com/hkbxsU5.jpg 1987 https://i.imgur.com/UUPUoaR.jpg 1968
  13. I think that is actually really cool idea of reversable tops on rings!