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  1. That looks like something we would expect from Oregon especially with the wings.
  2. I saw the U. of Central Missouri Mules patriotic baseball uniforms and decided to show patriotic uniforms, feel free to post your favorite, any sport, any team.
  3. I'm glad you brought this thread back to life, i had totally forgot about it and enjoyed the concepts.
  4. This jersey reminds me of the Montreal Expos jersey, which i guess is no big suprise to anyone.
  5. That Pelican reminds me of the NHL Washington Capitals failed logo rebrand.
  6. Check out the NCAA baseball thread and U. of Hawaii uniforms.
  7. I'm a bit suprised the NCAA (like the MLB does all the time) did not step in and nix the chrome helmet because of the possibility of the sun reflecting off of them into other players eyes.
  8. Next up is Fort Hays State Tigers.
  9. I don't know these uniforms just are not working for me maybe the pullover if they used the red black and gold on it instead of black and gold, but that is just me i guess.
  10. That logo reminds me of McDonalds hamburger mascot.
  11. Here are Southwest Baptist Bearcats logos.. and the MIAA conference logo which each school has in their school colors and this is SBU's former logo and this is the