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Nebraska Hockey


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Figured I would throw my hat into the ring of sports logo/uni designing with this run at Nebraska hockey...surprisingly, Nebraska is pretty good hockey country, all things considered. The satellite campus of Nebraska, UN-Omaha, has a team that's in the CCHA playoffs (hosting a home series right now). Anyhow, I kind of wanted to mesh NU's football uniforms and the Montreal Canadiens uniforms...a couple of limiting factors-A> Nebraska's fanbase is ultra-conservative (and I'm probably as guilty as the next guy)...the 2002 football uniforms (not much different than usual-just a huge red stripe down the sides, no darts, just big stripe, on the road whites and home white pants, white piping to border where the stripes would be on the reds) were met with mass resistance...also, there isn't a girth of "off-logos"...but anyhow, here how they are, comments and criticism welcome and encouraged.

Husker Hockey

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Are those meant to be pants or socks to the right of the jerseys? If they're pants, I'd say stick with one colour ? the red ? for both sets. If they're socks, then I'd say get rid of the vertical stripes and make them two horizontal stripes going around the leg. Almost nothing good ever comes of vertical stripes in hockey (except on pants).

It also seems as though something is a bit too big on the back of the jerseys. Either the nameplate should be smaller/thinner, or the numbers need to be smaller. It just looks a little crowded.

Otherwise, good job. I never would have thought Nebraska was a hockey hotbed. :)

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I like those Nebraskas. But I do agree to stay with only red pants. Never seen white hockey pants work very well.

And this thread will give me a chance to show a creation of mine for NC State. We already have a hockey team, but I cant recall what the jerseys really look like. But heres my concept:


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