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  1. Member has been suspended for trolling and offensive language. The length of the suspension may increase as more moderator votes come in.
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    @Virtus I moved your initial thread on this to the Requests forum. However, to cut down on spam and people signing up only to make requests, members need to have 100 posts on the boards in order to view the Requests forum. Anyone who sees that thread and wants to help can PM you directly.
  3. I feel like the text around the roundel is too spaced out. Having the bat as the break is great, but the letters could be tighter. If the empty space around the rest of the roundel bugs you after that, you could fill it with a line or some stars or something. The bat and the bridge don't mesh well to me. I think it's because there's shading/highlighting on the bat but not on the bridge. Plus where the highlight on the bat breaks under the bridge doesn't seem right. I'd go with shading/highlights on both elements or neither.
  4. Member has been suspended for blatant trolling. The length will be set when all votes are cast.
  5. Arsenal officially unveiled their third kit today; they'll wear them at Fulham this weekend.
  6. More looks at the England kits -- Sky Sports says the blue one with the polo collar is the away kit, so I guess the red one with blue on the collar is a training top?
  7. Alright, let's not pile on or worry too much about what was said. Moderators are dealing with it.
  8. I believe we've mainly kept the one in General Discussion around because you need to have 100 posts to view the Requests forum.
  9. I've run into something like this when images are loading. If you scroll to an area where an image is supposed to be, the placeholder is a grey square, and if the image is a different size than that placeholder when it loads, then the page will skip a bit to adjust for the newly loaded image. My guess is that the images aren't loaded right away in an effort to save on bandwidth/data usage/etc., but then again I'm not an expert on the forum software.
  10. I had to look it up, but apparently this is a real team that expects to actually be playing this fall. But I can't imagine it would last long once Hasbro got wind of it. <-- ABA league website
  11. The "SUNS" lettering feels off to me. The spacing between each letter should be at least as thick as the border around the letters; otherwise it looks cramped. Could use some space between "PHOENIX" and "SUNS" as well. Or shrink down "PHOENIX" and put it in a purple block and attach it to the purple block around "SUNS". And I'd like to see you do a bit more with the lines of the basketball -- rotate them (e.g. Sixers or Timberwolves), taper them (e.g. Mavericks) or something just to make it more dynamic.
  12. Member has been suspended for repeated trolling of the Washington NFL thread and attempts to inject politics unnecessarily. Length of suspension may increase as more moderator votes come in.
  13. It's a thing up here. I don't recall if it was broached in school, but the KKK had a pretty strong foothold in parts of Canada, especially in the western provinces. Plus the KKK has been in enough pop culture and TV shows and movies that the average Canadian knows what it is and what it stands for.
  14. 1. Calm down. No need for the all caps. 2. You can't post a PDF on the boards. It has to be a raster image format thread like .png or .jpg. It has to be uploaded to a third-party hosting site, and then you copy the URL of the image (ending in .jpg or .png or other raster file format) and paste it into the composing box on the boards and it should embed automatically. 3. You can't start a thread until you have 3 posts on the boards. This is to weed out spammers and try to encourage people to engage in other threads before starting their own.
  15. Suspension has been set at one week.
  16. @ghost316 Knock off the taunting and trying to get a reaction out of people.
  17. Also, here's the first good look I can remember of Arsenal's cup font for the new season:
  18. Did we see Juventus' new kits in this thread yet? I don't recall. If not, here we go:
  19. There's no fixed "Lukas Rule" around here, or at least there wasn't one in the mod handbook they gave me. But while the suspended member did mention him, it would have been a pretty clear attempt to troll and derail even without it.
  20. Looks like that's straight from Landon Collins' Instagram. So it would appear we got some bad Photoshop renders earlier. Sleeve striping and pants striping don't seem to have changed. The thing that jumps out at me is the yellow bumper under the earhole on the helmet. I don't recall seeing one of those before, or at least not in a contrasting colour.
  21. This has been brought up before, but the nickname of the local Canadian Premier League team, FC Edmonton, is the Eddies. Not sure if they have any trademarks or anything on it, but it would definitely be stepping on their toes.
  22. Suspension has been set at two weeks.