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  1. Finished up another one in a similar style, this time of Pierre Emerick Aubameyang:
  2. While this most recent occurrence has been far more civil than most other times it has been brought up, I will remind everyone in this thread that the CCSLC Code of Conduct clearly states no discussion of Native American team name controversies. I would ask everyone involved to drop the subject and move on. And if it does pop up again, please let the moderating team know via a PM or the report button rather than posting memes.
  3. Couple of small tweaks that I think really enhance it ...
  4. Perusing the boards lately, it seems many are still attempting to link images directly from TinyPic. However, TinyPic has ceased operations, resulting in those direct-linked images to be replaced by a frowny-faced emoji that, in most cases, takes up much more real estate on screens than the original image. From What we as a moderating team would ask every member to do is review the content he/she has posted to the boards -- especially (but not limited to) signatures -- and, if it is affected by this shutdown, move it to another image-hosting site, such as Imgur. I would personally steer clear of Google Photos, as I have noticed some issues on the boards with images hosted there refusing to load. Any questions, please feel free to ask them here.
  5. So I'm a big Arsenal fan, and there was a photo of Hector Bellerin that was taken prior to their Europa League match last week against Standard Liege that was really compelling and I felt like I just had to do something with it. Here's what I ended up with – curious to see what people think:
  6. Agreed. Anytime there's even a whisper of something around the Canucks' identity, it sets the same people off and we wind up going around and around in the same circles. This time, it's been at least four days and six pages of treading the same old ground. And all sparked by a web article where the owner said they "might tweak" the current logo. Enough is enough -- as a moderator, I'm asking everyone in this thread to drop the subject of the Canucks' identity for now. If anything new comes up in the near future, keep the discussion limited to the new information that comes to light. It's headache-inducing to read the same arguments over and over again, especially when it's clear no one's mind is going to be changed. Further posts related to the Canucks' identity that do not address new information may result in warnings and suspensions for disruptive posting and derailing threads.
  7. Last time you started a thread on this, I told you not to start another one until you had more artwork. And yet here we are, another thread started with zero artwork. And so, once again, this is getting locked. Any more attempts to start a thread in the Concepts section without artwork will likely result in a suspension or ban. Since you don't seem keen on clicking a link to read the Concepts Forum Guidelines, I will quote the relevant parts here for you:
  8. I don't think so. No offence, but 11 likes is rarely going to crack the leaderboard. The rolling weekly one on the front page, #5 today is 91 likes. If you click on "Show More" under that, or on the Leaderboard tab at the top of the page, you can do a custom date search, and on Sunday when you had 11 likes, the top 4 were between 37 and 45 apiece.
  9. All you have to do is copy the URL of the post and paste it into the reply box. It should embed automatically.
  10. If you're putting your ideas out there, you need to be receptive to constructive criticism, not combative to it. And the criticism in your previous thread was indeed constructive. Your previous thread was locked due to a lack of artwork, and there's even less in this one, so once again I'm going to lock it. I'll refer you to the Concept Forum Guidelines, specifically the parts that deal with threads being focused on graphic design and on demonstrating a willingness to improve. I'm not saying you can't solicit team name ideas, but you can produce some artwork for teams whose names you've already settled on in the meantime. Until you have more artwork than just the league logo and sketches that you admit you didn't work too hard on, do not start another thread on this league idea.
  11. Very cool! I saw you post the Arsenal one on Reddit. Any plans to do anything more with these?
  12. *ahem* A reminder to everyone that this thread is in the Sports Logos News section of the forum, and should be used to discuss the names and logos for XFL 2.0 — and not the viability of the league and/or speculation of the sort of product it will put on the field compared to the NFL. There is a thread in the Sports in General forum where those sorts of matters may be discussed, but I would encourage you not to have the same circular speculative yes-they-will-no-they-won't discussions between now and February as have been occurring lately, lest I and the rest of the moderating team develop the urge to slam our heads through walls.
  13. No, the four red stripes on a yellow background mimic the Catalan flag, which you can also see on the collar and in Barca's crest. The city of Barcelona is located within Catalonia, and Barca have not been shy in their support of Catalonian independence over the years.
  14. OK, this thread seems to have devolved into a few members bickering back and forth about what the AAF was or could have been. This dead horse has been thoroughly beaten.
  15. All: Let's refrain from speculating on the motives, the credibility or the timing of the complainant. That's for the courts to decide, not us.
  16. Love the idea of an ambigram as a cap logo, but this isn't really working for me. It reads more like an 8 than anything; the spaces above and below the crossbar (is that the right term?) are just enough to read as an S if you look at it close enough, but it really doesn't read as a D at all. That said, I can't really suggest anything off the top of my head to improve. It would take some trial-and-error, playing with angles, thicknesses and serifs.
  17. @andregunts @WSU151 That's enough bickering. Drop it.
  18. Yes, please report any bad ads you come across. They won't go away if they aren't reported. Link to the form is in this thread, but you will need the URL of the ad.
  19. Champions League group stage draw was held today: GROUP A Paris Saint-Germain Real Madrid Club Brugge Galatasaray GROUP B Bayern Munich Tottenham Hotspur Olympiakos Red Star Belgrade GROUP C Manchester City Shakhtar Donetsk Dimano Zagreb Atalanta GROUP D Juventus Atletico Madrid Bayer Leverkusen Lokomotiv Moscow GROUP E Liverpool Napoli FC Salzburg Genk GROUP F Barcelona Borussia Dortmund Inter Milan Slavia Prague GROUP G Zenit St. Petersburg Benfica Olympique Lyonnais RB Leipzig GROUP H Chelsea Ajax Valencia Lille
  20. Yeah ... no. You need to be more selective about who you're getting your information from.
  21. Split this into its own thread.
  22. I wouldn't read much, if anything, into those. Some are either XFL 1.0 game footage or XFL 1.0 uniforms with the original logos stripped off. I can clearly see designs that were worn by the LA Xtreme and the SF Demons.
  23. So that they're all in one handy spot: