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Atlanta Thrashers Jersey Question


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Question you guys will definitely know.

On the Thrashers 3rd Alt Jersey with the ATLANTA down the side... that Dark Blue Material... Is it Mesh or Polyester?

Just curious and what the difference would be in Mesh and Polyester for that area?

Earl asked me when I sent him my concept... and i Dont really know the difference.


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I don't actually have mine with me at the moment, but from what I recall, it's polyester. I'm looking at a picture I took at hi-res, and I'm recalling that the material is similar to the collar's material. It's definitely thicker than normal mesh.

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He he....

the guy from the place doing that 3rd jersey asked if the Dark Blue Sleeve Panel, I wanted to be mesh or polyester....

I am sure there is some difference in the fabric... I just don't know what that would be...

I'm thinking the mesh would be like the rest of the jersey, more free flowing, whereas the polyester would be shinier but more rigid...

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