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Will's Basketball Trivia


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Oscar Robertson won a state championship at Crispus Attucks High School in Indianapolis, was a member of the greatest Olympic team ever in 1960 and won at Cincinnati and with the Milwaukee Bucks.

It should be noted that Crispus Attucks was a famous African American who was the first casualty of the American Revolution when he was killed in the Boston Massacre.

Magic Johnson who also accomplished the feat (East Lansing Michigan) is only one of four players to win an NCAA champion and NBA championship in consecutive years.

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Magic Johnson is one. Oscar Robertson, however, never won the NCAA title at Cincinnati. He graduated in 1960 and Cincy's titles were in '61 and '62. Two more are left.

Well boof Oscar then. He had limited skills anyway.

I used to play a little school yard one on one with a chubby guard from the Chicago area named Quinn Buckner. He was pretty good.

Did you know that Jerry Lucas could memorize the entire New York City phone book and instantly repeat the page number of any name you gave him.

It's true.

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