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Winner: june webdav challenge


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Congrats to trich11...

To everyone who entered, thanks. I think we had a good bunch this time around.

My opinion of the winner (trich11's LA Condors) was that it won on a number of levels:

1. The name fit the area - Condors are well known in and unique and native to California. Although they are endangered, they aren't wimpy.

2. Well chosen colors - unique but not radical. Steered away from black.

3. Professional look to the art, well presented. It LOOKS like something that the NFL would present as the real thing.

This is not to say other entries lacked in these categories. I was impressed with the creativity this month. I loved the "LA" in "BLAZE" and "LANCERS." I thought the Cavalry was well illustrated, although I would have chosen a different typeface.

Anyway. Congrats to Tom Richards. Well done.

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