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  1. I got a quote on printing a 3'x5' of this and it's pretty tempting to hang in out in lieu of my "real" Montana flag for a while. $110 for a one-off isn't too bad.
  2. The bison skull was used on the Montana quarter design, and is fairly common in Montana. The quarter didn't cause much controversy, so I don't think this would either. The reason it's not a symbol of death is that a bison brought so many things - food, fur, hide, and so forth. The skull therefore became a symbol of prosperity.
  3. This is my Montana flag concept. The bison skull has been used as a symbol of the state of Montana for many years. In Native American cultures, it symbolizes prosperity and gratitude. I used "big sky blue" and yellow trim similar to what is used on some current Montana flags. I added a star to the bison skull to represent Montana's statehood. Previously, I've used a simplified bison skull where the left side imitates the outline of the state. But this stripped down but still more realistic skull fits better, I think.
  4. Being an actual resident of Billings, MT, does my opinion count for more? I like the colors here better than the dark red. Why? Because anything Blue & Gold or Maroon & Silver is automatically associated with one or the other of Montana State or Montana. You'd never see a Bobcats fan be caught dead in "dark pink." That's like asking an Auburn fan to wear red and yell "Roll Tide!" Billies is kind of a cool name. And we do have mountain goats in the Beartooth mountains just outside of Billings. Our junior hockey team being called the Bulls is cool because the stockyard is such a big part of Billings. Our minor league baseball team, the Mustangs is also accurate because we have wild horses just south of us in the Pryor mountains. I like the hidden mountains in the Billies logo. It reminds me of the old Great Northern Railroad logo. Their goat was named Rocky and they had a "Big Sky" train design that employed sky blue and granite gray for trains that went to Glacier National Park (which is nowhere near Billings, but that's another story.) Go Billies!
  5. Yes, totally agree with this. It's very difficult to see the numbers on TV. Especially when 97 is moving a million miles per hour.
  6. He was a legislator for quite a while. Became quite disillusioned after the lack of party support for a statewide race, so he got out of politics. Yes, there is no specified color of blue, you see it royal, you see it navy, but the MONTANA text has to be Helvetica Bold. Quirky thing. I've done a few different state flag redesigns for Montana, but given up hope we'll ever change. Timing has to be just right when there's only a legislative session every two years. And frankly, most people just don't care that the flag sucks.
  7. This all makes me so sad about how bad both my city and state flags are terrible. (Billings, Montana.) Interesting thing - there is no official color of blue for Montana's seal on a bed sheet flag. Yet the word MONTANA is specified to be in Helvetica Bold by law. My dad didn't understand my distaste for the MT flag. I drove him down the street in Red Lodge (they display flags from all over up and down their main drag) and asked him to tell me which was the Montana flag. It was then he realized there are at least four or five others that are identical unless the flag is totally unfurled. Then he mentioned he was in the Legislature when they made the flag stand out more by requiring MONTANA be on it in all-caps Helvetica Bold in gold (yellow.) I asked him what ANATNOM was. He understood what I meant when he saw the flag from the back.
  8. What's with the odd gaps in the "O" and the inability to properly operate a bezier curve?
  9. I see the "W" for "Wales" but the "E" doesn't say "Campbell" to me. Oh... West and East. That makes sense then. I SMYTHE THEE
  10. I've never liked black in the Flames unis. There was nothing wrong with the red/yellow/white look. Think about a flame... is it black? Why a black C then? The old school look brings to mind Lanny McDonald, , Mike Vernon, Håkan Loob, Joe Mullen, Doug Gilmour, Al McGinnis, Theo Fleury, Joe Mullen... Joe Nieuwendyk!
  11. The Caps look best in red, white, and blue, with their throwback style with the stars across the top. I'm not a huge fan of having the name spelled out on the front, but I'm not a huge fan of the Weagle either. But at least it's not the capital. That was ugly. And the Weagle is better than the swooping eagle. Anyone else find it ironic that the Caps wordmark is all lowercase?
  12. To the average person, Seattle is known for (non-sports-related): * Starbucks/coffee * Rain * Boeing * Microsoft * The Space Needle * Mount Rainier * "Grunge" music (nobody who was into it called it that) Seattle Emeralds (it's the Emerald City after all... but then they'd be called the Em's and that would be confusing with the M's) Seattle Rattles ("Rattle City" is a nickname for Seattle. Can be a reference to music as well as earthquakes. Well, and babies, so maybe not. Although they could whine for penalties.) Seattle Rainiers (in reference to the mountain, as well to it being rainier than many places.) Seattle Olympias Seattle Airliners Seattle Aviators Seattle Aeros Metropolitans has history, no denying that. But how many people know the history? I'm fairly certain they'd like to avoid Native American references just to avoid the potential fallout. Pilots is cool, but would MLB let them use it? (I should hope so, considering they have the Mariners and the Pilots are never coming back.)
  13. Well, he wants to own part of the team if they play there, or at least part of it. He won't be enthusiastic about another owner bringing a team in. They came really close to getting the Penguins once upon a time. And rumor has it they almost got the Coyotes in 2013. I would love to see teams in both of those cities. I'd love to see a hated rivalry like the Cascadia Cup only for hockey... Vancouver/Seattle/Portland make travel easy for all the Western teams, including the Alberta teams. I know this is partially me being biased to wanting a team in Portland. But I really do think they would support a team well. And right now my favorite NHL team is anyone who plays the Wings or the Canucks. I'd love to have an actual team to support. Likely, that would be whichever PNW team lands first. And since I spend more time in Portland, I hope it's there.
  14. I've always thought the silver and black was to catch both the #99 uptick in sales and the LA Raiders being there. Add to that NWA's popularity and wearing of the gear... it got pretty set. I happen to love their gold look.
  15. Portland has an arena, Seattle doesn't. For relocation, Portland is move-in-ready. Seattle is more of a plan ahead and expand kind of market. If the Coyotes move, it makes more sense to take them someplace that has an arena. I mean, that's why they are moving, right? Arena being out of town causing low attendance, new arena not happening. Why move to Seattle and play in Tacoma until a new rink gets built? And if they move, the NHL won't have them move to Quebec or Hamilton. Why? Because they know they can get full new franchise money out of those places. But I'd love to see more cities pull a Pittsburgh and have all their teams in the same scheme. Try to think of the word Pittsburgh and not think of black and yellow. Impossible.
  16. Design is a problem. It requires solutions. Think of your logo in that way. Step away from your computer. Pick up a notebook. Draw. Draw again. And again. Think about what you want it to say about you as a designer. Why would someone see any of what you've posted and think, "I've GOT to hire this guy." Is any of it unique, special, witty, outstanding in any way? Sketch. It makes logos tangible. Find a logo or two that you really love in the real world. Find out who did them. Look at the process they went through. Read this article on this very site about Peter Good's process for designing what I consider the greatest logo (not just in sports) ever. The Hartford Whalers. Google these things: "Paul Rand" logos "Saul Bass" logos "Aaron Draplin" logo design Think about the problem from various angles - what if they are lowercase letters? Or mixed case? What if it's just a symbol that means nothing but looks cool and clean type that says your name? NEVER: Stretch fonts vertically or horizontally. Just no. Nope. Never. Ever. ALWAYS: Iterate. Think you've got it done? Walk away, come back in an hour, a week, whatever, and do it all over again. Did you come up with the same solution? I think that it's rare for this to ever happen (think it's happened for me two or three times in over two decades in design) but if you think it's a solution, and you look at it, and it just looks like it's something that's existed forever and it just came out of your brain, you've killed it. These are beyond "aha" moments. These are the "HOLY CRAP I HAVE TO DRAW THIS BEFORE I FORGET IT BECAUSE IT'S PERFECT" ideas. The Whalers. The FedEx arrow. The Time Warner eye/ear logo. These are the solutions that seem obvious once they are done, but the process of getting there is NEVER obvious. --- Other thoughts. I know your initials are "IP" but do you really want your firm to be named that? I pee? And have you ever done a google search for IP? Intellectual Property. Internet Protocol. Etc. Etc. Your name itself is interesting. You could do something cool with the double A in Isaac. Think Exxon and it's double X. Perlich is WAY more unique. Always consider other options. And sketch. More. Lots more. Then go to the computer.
  17. Check back on page 61(ish) - I did this one. I was a big fan of them back in the day... watched a young Andy Moog play.
  18. I don't quite have Ren's skills, and this is less a modernization, more a vectorization, although I took a few liberties. The font used was some sort of bastardized and slightly skewed Garamond Extra Narrow Extra Bold with the "g" and "s" replaced by something else, not sure what. Working from either the small gif from what I think was an embroidered logo or a screen printed jersey with the registration slightly off made it difficult. For instance, the red in the nostrils is probably meant to fill the whole space, but it was off so I went with it.
  19. Wow, this thread is amazing. I just went through all 59 pages loving every bit of it. Ren, you are awesome! I'd love to see a modern take on the old Billings Bighorns of the WHL. Grew up loving going to those games. There's a larger version (too big to post) here: http://www.dropthepucks.com/Fredericktown/images/WHL/Billings/81-82%20Billings%20rd%20logo.JPG
  20. Montana's has changed since this, and it's rather bland. Basically, Helvetica Neue Light, all caps, tracked loosely. So, basically: MONTANA Only that's Arial and the tracking isn't loose. But you get the point.
  21. The 1956 Aluminum Bowl (NAIA National Championship game) between Montana State and St. Joseph's of Indiana in War Memorial Stadium in Little Rock. The conditions were so bad that there were only three pass attempts the entire game and it ended with a 0-0 tie. Montanans regularly freeze their tails off in the middle of November to watch the Cat-Griz game (we don't call it the "Brawl of the Wild.) The *warmest* kickoff temperature for that game was 67˚. Coldest 2˚ (before wind chill.)
  22. And this space reserved for Jarome Arthur-Leigh Adekunle Tig Junior Elvis Iginla in anything but a Flames uni.
  23. Where by "stadium" you mean "overgrown quonset hut." Seriously, though, I would welcome the Vandals back to the Big Sky. They were a tough team back then, and they could be very competitive at the FCS level. The problem as I see it with Idaho where they are is not only is Moscow small, but it's right next door to a PAC-12 school in Washington State so local interest isn't massive. Add that to the recruiting issues it likely presents to share the state with Boise State (who have risen to national prominence) and be a stone's throw from Washington State, it's tough to be the Vandals right now.
  24. Actual size of PSU notwithstanding, their football program can't handle a move up. They are just now starting to gain in the Big Sky and have become a second-tier program along the lines of Weber State - strong competitor year in and year out, but nothing to show for it yet in league championships or playoff appearances. As a big supporter of Montana State, I don't want them to move. The Big Sky is just getting better - and next year we're gaining some quality programs. (Now, if we could find someone to take Northern Colorado off our hands...)
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