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Would you participate in a NBA fantasy league next season?  

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Well i'm considering moving my league from SportsWorld101 to here to gain some interest, really people at SportsWorld101 are not into basketball as much.

So the question is, so i can see the ammount of people are up for it, would you participate or consider participating?

This is so I don't look like an idiot setting up applications and stuff and no-one participates.

I know there is the IBL and NABA run on here so i left that option for those people in them.

Just Wondering.... thanks

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The scoring would be bit differnet to yahoo as well....although not set in stone just yet.....

2 points: 2 fantasy points

3 pointers: 3 points

1 free-throw point: 1 point

1 rebound: 3 points

1 assist: 3 points

I think that sounds alright.....i don't believe in -negative scores, and probably cos i can't be bothered subracting numbers lol

It will have the same rules as the WAFA, which are, to Have Fun and Be Happy! I don't believe in over-the-top and complicated rules and by-laws and all that type of stuff....

thanks for interest guys

I'll set up a thread in the New Leagues section sometime today, and I know it is a bit too early for next season though

Anyhow, the points stuff could, and most likely would, change, and thanks for interest.

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