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my high school concept logo


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i made this logo for my high school

"perry meridian high school"

mascot- FALCONS



if you look at it... you are supposed to be able to see "P", "M", "H", and "S"

the school initials

the p is the kinda hard to see

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It's a cool idea, but four initials in one bird is too many, lol. I'd just draw a cool falcon and then have the wordmark below it or something. Great effort trying to fit everything in there, though.

maybe using just the "p" and the "m" would be easier

"I must be butter, because I'm on a roll."

Turn Two Design // Facebook

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I'd have to agree with unwind. If you have to tell me I'm looking for letters, then it probably is too "complicated"? for a general logo. As a design it is cool. Isn't than an Indy HS? Just wondering.



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