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I did my first exhibit about 8 months ago, and the grand opening for the next is tomorrow. I'll get some pics of that one up sunday or monday. But here are some from the first one done for the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows in Belleville, Illinois. Its about the 150th anniversary of the proclimation of the Dogma of the Immaculate Conception. Yes, that's the title. The shortened title is "tota Pulchra" or latin for Totally Beautiful.


That's a link to my site with the images.

I'll just go through them briefly here.

The first few is the main "sign" of the exhibit. Its made of mulitlple layers of transparent plexiglass. I not only designed this, but put it together, which was a pain in the butt. Took like 8 hours to put it together.

Then thoughout are paintings of Mary depicted by some world famous artists like DiVinci. They were printed directly on canvas. I didn't paint them (obviously) but took the raw photos of them and had to retouch them to make them look as good as they could. Some of them really needed some work.

The clear panels are on plexi hanging from the ceiling. They talk about the different prayers and such dedicated to mary.

I also did a billboard and some other marketing for the exhibit. I didn't have the concept of how it would flow or anything, but I did pretty much do the entire "look" that it would have. I did do some of the layout and such. Here's the website I did to "sell" the exhibit to other organizations. It walks you thought it better than my first images do. Plus there are a few other images in there.


The funniest thing about this, I'm not catholic at all. I had no knowledge of mary or anything, and there I was, 2 months out of college the lead designer on a big exhibit for a national organization. It was alot of work.

Anyway, the second exhibit is for Catholic Extension. Another national organization, that one will be in Belleville until July and then move to Washington, D.C. I'll talk about that one more on monday after we get some images of it.


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That's pretty awesome Patrick. I used to be stationed at Scott AFB down that way..so I'm pretty familiar with the area and a lot of the IL/WI work you do because of my midwestern thing over the past few years. Pretty awesome stuff.

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oh...haha...it was cut for me. They cut it with a huge router. I layed out the pattern in illustrator and they used that to cut it.

I had to put it together though with epoxy and such.

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