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CHL Idea.


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The CHL is made up of the WHL , OHl and QMJHL. So there's a west, ontario and quebec league. although teams in the Q are located there why isn't there a Maritime league. Then on from each would be in the memorial cup. i think htis would be better then the current system. thats like the OHL putting a franchise in Winnipeg.

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It's a combination of economics and how many cities in the Maritimes can actually have franchises (i.e. population). Outside of Quebec, you currently have Halifax, Cape Breton, Acadie-Bathurst, Moncton, PEI, Lewiston (Maine) St. John and St John's. After that, you probably need about eight more franchises to make a league in the Maritimes worthwhile and where exactly will they come from? Fredericton? Labardor, maybe a couple of more teams in the US?

Also, you have to understand that the geographical area covered in next season's QMJHL will be comparible to the WHL. So what the 'Q' is doing right now isn't a stretch by any means.

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