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  1. Edmonton is doing their best to make up for the lack of bad uniforms in the province now that Calgary finally (mostly, why is it still a third jersey?) fixed theirs.
  2. Which as we've seen before (with Pooh Bear) would look awful with black pants and full yellow sweater/sock combo.
  3. They could go yellow helmets for a game, might be enough to distinguish them apart?
  4. Why could the Islanders have not just gone the Montreal route?
  5. Overall I love them all with the exception of Detroit & Dallas. So grateful the Leafs didn't use the Ballard logo.
  6. Not the jersey, just that the logo was a re-colour. Again I'm just going off what he told me.
  7. Take it with a grain of salt because he said he was "pretty sure". But the boss of where I get my jersey's done says LA featured the Burger King. He was however positive that the Avs logo is recoloured in Nordiques colour, and told me the Leafs font was "out there". I was attempting to pre-pre-order a Thornton.
  8. What if the Avs run with Nordiques colours, and snowflakes in place of the fleur-de-lis?
  9. Hoping for the unused North Stars sweater to factor into this design (if this is the reverse retro).
  10. Very curious to see what they do for do as far as some of the original 6 teams? Leafs & Wings will be tough, unless we see some silver. Perhaps a red lady liberty for the Rangers as some if suggested? Cannot wait to see them all. Hope Vegas runs with a neon sweater, but I think we may see red and black on their end.
  11. Worse than Wild Wing, worse than Burger King, worse than the unused Blues thing. These are the worst sweaters ever, I concur 100%.
  12. Talked at length with the manager at Pro Image and he said the Leafs 3rd is just going to be the St. Pats & we won’t see it in action til March. Shannahan lobbied for it as a full time third, but maybe Lou (still in charge at that point denied it). That’s allegedly from the Adidas rep, but whether true or not we’ll see.
  13. I didn’t know this when my Tavares jersey arrived and was livid (not because I like the button, but rather that I was sent tampered/damaged product). So i scoured the Internet and luckily found the answer on CoolHockey’s site. As for the Sharks, despite my love of teal and black I feel like they may have really missed the boat again here. I also have strongly sour on the primary logo, not the design itself by the art style.
  14. They are so far overdue for a nice yellow alternate. The original Winter Classic sweater should’ve stuck around!
  15. Are the Leafs still getting a third?
  16. As a diehard Leafs fan, I always grew up liking Marleau for some reason. When the rumours came out last year of him coming to the Leafs I almost didn’t want him because it felt wrong for him to leave San Jose. I think in time, if the Leafs are successful in winning (obviously this year or next) it’ll be seen as a Ray Bourque esque not so much “wrong” uniform, but accepted uniform. He’ll always be a Sharks legend.
  17. What are the Leafs waiting for at this point?
  18. First time I've seen Boston in action with the black socks. When I first heard I thought it'd be great, but I realize now how wrong I was!
  19. Right uniform, wrong helmet. Anyone have any information on why the Jets did this and for how long? Just saw a clip on the Leafs intermission and was dumbfounded.
  20. Never seen it but I kinda of love it!
  21. Yep, here's a link. https://www.nhl.com/news/this-date-in-nhl-history-february-9/c-286468732?tid=279684992
  22. It was about today being the anniversary of the announcing of the "Next 6".
  23. This is from an official NHL video posted today, was this logo supposed to be oriented this way or is just a blunder because, well we all know the NHL.
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