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If Phil and Kobe can't co-exist?

What will happen if Phil and Kobe can't get along by midseason or the end of next year?  

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I am asking this because I have a feeling this isn't going to work out, I may be wrong but its just a feeling I have. I see a picture perfect moment in Phil Jackson's return to the Lakers for Kobe Bryant to be reunited with Jerry West.

Now that we have the one for the thumb, the other hand looks lonely........GO STEELERS

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the Lakers have already seen what Kobe can (and mostly cant) do without Phil at the helm. As much of a skeptic I am about Phil's true skills as a head coach w/o a superstar or two, i dont see him getting ousted again if the Lakers begin to struggle. However, if Kobe is traded, i really doubt it'll be this year. Buss has too much invested in him to give up too easily



when you're replacing an old Carr, you need more than Les Miles

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