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conquistador(e)s update v2


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This is the update since my last post. Added some elimates from peoples suggestions. Second verison is on the left, old first draft on the right.

suggestions, comments etc. please feel free only my second attempt on Illustrator logo wise.


anyone that might have the football ai with stripes can you email it to me. I would like to use it for this concept. thanks...

for those who need to cut and paste:


sorry still using angelfire. I will try to get a photobucket going shortly.

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I like what you have done with the new update, but there are thing you could improve upon. The face is more detailed, but it seems like the conquistador is depressed. It might work better if you simply go with a bit less details, but a more agressive look.

Also, the nose doesn't seem to align correctly with the tip of the helmet with that perspective. It looks like he is wearing the hat "rapper style". You might want to either rotate the helmet on his head or work on the face again, so that everything lines up the way it should.

It's a good start though, there is a good difference between your old one and the new one. Keep showing us updates!

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