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2007 NBA all star game logo concepts


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i drew this up quick but i thought it came out pretty good considering i only have Paint to use at my disposal....comment/criticism is welcome....thanks

2007 NBA All*Star Game-Las Vegas

If anyone is wondering what i did its this:

-I used red, gold, and black to combine the typical colors of las vegas as well as the colors of the mountains

-the main design is the "Las Vegas" sign.

-I placed the star in the Spade once again to symbolize las vegas

-The dice have "07" on it for the year...also the top of the die (3 and 4) equal 7.

- I used the basketball design with the star in them to show (1) basketball (2) the all star game and (3) to make it look like a poker chip (keeping with my "las vegas theme"

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You did a good job on this logo...I like how you made it look similar to the Las Vegas sign while still putting in some original elements (like the basketball/poker chip design with the stars). Just a few things I noticed: the gold color used in the stars is a different shade than the gold used as the main background of the logo, and the dice are kind of hard to see. With a few minor adjustments, I think this could be a really good logo.

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How many different threads are you going to occupy with the same design?

You started this thread, keep all your designs in the same place. You'll get more C&C overall if people go to the same thread to see your work.

As for the design: good concept with the mountains. But very angular to the point of looking unsophisticated and unnatural (skyline, mountains). I'm not sure about the predominance of yellow. The 2-colored basketball looks unnecessary. The light coming from the Luxor shouldn't have so much black in it - you can see it from space, after all. Make the stars white and ditch the black background. Smooth out the curve of the dice arc. All-caps script fonts never look right.

The mountains need a lot of work. They look 2-dimensional and very crude. Since they're serving as the background for your design - and form the bulk of it shape - they're going to be seen.

Like I said, this has serious potential, but it's not being executed well at this point...

And MSPaint is no excuse; there are many people who do great work in Paint.

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