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H.S. Lion Logo Concept


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Alright- It took longer than expected (by three months), but I finally got a rough sketch of a mean lion..... C&C Wanted

Just to refresh: Here is a school's logo. It appears to be deep in thought.


Here is my proposed upgrade to make it a badass lion

I think the mane under his chin looks weird, and dont know how to fix it without making it look more screwed up- this is a really choppy draft, so rough edges, color shades, and the whiskers will be fixed for the final version



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yea.... after the school reveiled the logo, i quickly found out that it was made off of LMU's logo.... i guess it is pretty typical of high schools to save $ and jack a logo that already exists...... either way, i was just trying to make it look more mean.....

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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