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sf giants concept


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When youre in your album, theres an option above the picture that says "edit". click that and then resize it to 25%, maybe 50, of the original so that it isnt that huge and we can see the whole thing without having to scroll.

As for the concept...

The patch on the right sleeve is backwards, and thats the one i think you would use if i had to pick from the two patches.

Ive never liked whole button-areas being a different color, so maybe just make it black piping instead.

And the wordmark on the hat isnt too great. the G or SF might work better there.

And if you do use piping, you might want to add a black stripe on the pants.

I like youre ideas though, especially making an orange jersey for the Giants, even though i hate the Giants, and this isnt bad for a first concept. Just a little work, and it will look much better. B)

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:blink: .

I'm going to try and offer something you can use.

In addition to everything that kingssss has already said (which I second, BTW), a couple of general ideas.

1. A patch on each shoulder is overkill. Especially if they don't match. Baseball teams usually leave one sleeve patchless in case they have to memroialize someone during the season.

2. Colored button areas... ooh no. Please no.

3. Full wordmarks on caps... see #2.

4. The "G" patch is too high on the chest.

5. Monogram patches typically go on the left chest of the wearer (see: Tigers, Yankees, old Giants, Reds).

6. The "G" patch has an orange drop shadow on an orange jersey. The shadow effect is barely noticeable, which defeats the point of having the shadow there in the first place.

My biggest complaint is that nothing really blends well with anything else. It looks like a hodgepodge of Giants' colors and logos and wordmarks, but it comes out all jumbled, and it looks like you were rushing to bang something out without really trying to develop a nice, cohesive look.

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