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My First Wordmark...


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it's a great start. Move the Y closer to the FUR unless you're trying to accentuate FUR for some reason, lol. Other than that it's a great 'first' Wordmark, eh.

Well that is accually how the text looks, for some reason...I don't know why the "Y" appears to be separated, but oh' well...And yes it is my first concept, if you were being sarcastic, with your comment about it being my first concept...

P.S: I saw your Colorado Avs concept, it is freakin' awesome...

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Much much better, eh!

I'd move it closer still, actually. Notice the F, U, and R are all spaced the exact same amount away from each other. The Y was further from the R because of the leg of the R sticking out, and the arm of the Y sticking out. Letters can't 'overlap' in fonts, so they are sometimes spaced awkwardly. I would move the closest part of the Y to the closest part of the R--where they're the same distance apart as the F and U, and U and R. You may have to scoot the Pee Dee to the left a little too. It's centered along the top right now, but the arm of the Y throws it off visually, so it looks like it's further to the right. Just some suggestions, eh!

BTW, get used to smashing all the letters together after you type them... you'll have to do it with every wordmark you do, probably.

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