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Earl | Hopco Sports Did the right thing...


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As I am one to criticize someone for not doing the right thing, I am also one to point out when someone does do the right thing....

Short Story long, Hopco Sports had screwed up the original jersey I ordered by getting the blue wrong on a Seahawks alternate Hockey jersey I designed. They used the old Seattle (Royal) Blue instead of the current Seahawks Blue... so Half the jersey was current Seahawks Navy Blue and Lime Green and half of it was Royal Blue, it looked stupid.

So Earl offered it to me for a discounted price, which I got but after I paid the mesh was the same mesh as the football jerseys (lightweight and holes) instead of the typical hockey jersey I had been used to on my previous orders....

So I was annoyed and at first they said the jersey was sold "As Is"... Had I known it was gonna be the lightweight mesh I wouldnt have bought it even for half price.... because i like the thick full hockey mesh better..

So after a few emails, Earl agreed to give me a free jersey which arrived yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL.... Since the Seahawks Blue is a impossible color to get, I decided to go with a throwback and got the old school colors...

Just wanted to post, so that some of you know, if you are unhappy with what you get, definitely talk with Earl and see if you cant resolve it... At first I thought he was a little abrasive but once we talked... it was all straightened out...

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