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Glendale/Phoenix Demons Throwback Logos


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I created a Glendale/Phoenix Demons Logo for a future game that will use a throwback Uniforms, Helmet, and Logos. I decided to make them as Early 90's as possible and make them look tough but cheesy. So if anyone can give me a C&C I would be appreciated, because I would like to make them look good.



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Is that pewter? If so, I don't really know about an orange facemask. Even if its silver I don't know about a orange facemask. I don't really know if that font works well for a sports team, try something a little (alot) thicker.

The eyes are really cool though and well executed. It would be an awesome and unique look. Good job.

Tweak the facemask/font and you're in buisness.

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its cool but its just not the same using a throwback jersey that never even was. i've always wanted to do a throwback for the Sasquatch, but the team is about 2 months old, you know? gotta wait at least 4 years...

well ic, it's something that I consider fun, so something as a throwback that goes along with the Actual Arena Football Leagues 20th Season. So it's just a little fun for an AFL Fan. As far as the Wordmark. I used a Wordmark that looked a bit more early 90ish and somewhat very late 80ish IMO.


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