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bobcats alt, celtics alt

Matt 2 tha Core

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First off, :welcome: to the boards. These are pretty well done, considering you did them in Paint. The Celtics one could stand to be a bit larger. A couple of comments, though ...

Bobcats: There is little, if any, black in the Bobcats' colour scheme, so I would be loathe to see them in a black alt. I'd rather see a blue alt before a black one. Other than that, a good job.

Celtics: The black is a little more forgiveable here, considering it is a minor part of their primary logo (the leprechaun's hat and pants, IIRC). Personally, I would love to see more black and gold infused into the Celtics' unis, but something like this would have the traditionalists screaming bloody murder. There have been rumours of a Celtics alt that is mainly green, with black panels down the sides, floating around for a while now, and I think that would be the right way to approach it.

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:welcome: Aboard...

BOBCATS: Not a fan of the "add black for the sake of adding black" movement here. Granted, their orange is hideous, but I'd sooner see the blue used as a uniform before just splashing black everywhere.

CELTICS: Meh. This isn't the first black Celtics concept. This would also be a corollary of the problem I have with the Bobcats concept. The Celtics have always had some black in their logo. Soon, they may add black accents to uniforms that have been essentially unchanged for half a century. Your concept is the logical endpoint of carrying black too far, going from absent on the uniform to a trim color to overrunning the whole thing.

Your concepts are well-executed, but I wouldn't want to see either one of them. There's already too much unnecessary black in uniforms of teams that don't need black in their color scheme. It's like teal from the '80s - it's OK in small doses, lethal when overdone.

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