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Las Vegas Stars


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i was just looking around, amd came across the las vegas stars, now the 51s, in minor league baseball. i tried my hand at making a stars football team. notes: in the wordmark, the las vegas font is the same as the lettering on the 'welcome to las vegas' sign. also, the linked l and v are similar to the now defunct las vegas stars of minor league baseball. i wanted the colors to reflect money and gold, so i did my best.

Las Vegas Stars logos

Home and Away jerseys



c&c welcome :D

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I'd call it a good start, but not quite finished yet.

First, a couple questions...

1. Is the gold color meant to be metallic gold? If so, that'd make the alt jersey metallic gold, which doesn't ever seem to work out well.

2. Is there a shade of green that better represents the color of money? I always think of a darker, richer (no pun intended) shade instead of what comes across as more of an olive green. Like the color of a nice, lush lawn.

That said, my suggestions:

LOGOS: There seems to be a lot of one color used for lettering/wordmarks overlying that same color as background design. Easiest example is the green "LV" on top of a green star. Contrasting colors would be much easier to read, and make the lettering stand out more.

PRIMARY UNIFORMS: Nice. Clean, simple and understated. I would either downsize the "LV/star" pants logo, move it off the front of the pants, or in all truth, do both. And on the green pants... green letters on a green star on green pants - it's not going to be easily seen by many viewers.

TV NUMBERS: Where are they? Sleeves? Shoulders? Where they go will determine what other effects you could use, if you so desired.

ALTERNATES: Do you really need 3 pairs of pants? The metallic gold jerseys would be my least favorites, so I would think gold pants and green OR white pants would suffice, but not all 3.

HELMET: Same issue as with the logos. A lot of green letters on a green helmet. You could use an infusion of white or black in this concept, to set things apart from one another as a trim color.

I am surprised by the lack of stars on the uniforms. For a city like Vegas, you could easily throw some more on there - in a band around the sleeves or around the shoulders.

All in all, a very good concept, and well executed.

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