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Nfl week 2 picks


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Buffalo Bills vs Jacksonville Jaguars

Pick: Buffalo Bills  WIN

Cleveland Browns vs Baltimore Ravens

Pick: Cleveland Browns  LOSS

Detroit Lions vs Green Bay Packers

Pick: Green Bay Packers  WIN

Houston Texans vs New Orleans Saints

Pick: Houston Texans  LOSS

Miam Dolphinsi vs New York Jets

Pick: New York Jets  LOSS

Pittsburgh Steelers vs Kansas City Chiefs

Pick: Kansas City Chiefs  WIN

San Fransisco 49ers vs St. Louis Rams

Pick: San Francisco 49ers  LOSS

Tennesse Titans vs Indianapolis Colts

Pick: Tennesse Titans  LOSS

Washignton Redskins vs Atlanta Falcons

Pick: Washington Redskins  WIN

Carolina Panthers vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Pick: Tampa Bay Buccaneers  LOSS

Seattle Seahawks vs Arizona Cardinals

Pick: Seattle Seahawks  WIN

Cincinatti Bengals vs Oakland Raiders

Pick: Oakland Raiders  WIN

Denver Broncos vs San Diago Chargers

Pick: San Diego Chargers  LOSS

New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles

Pick: New England Pariots  WIN

*Upset Special*

Chicago Bears vs Minnesota

Pick: Chicago Bears  LOSS


Dallas Cowboys vs New York Giants

Pick: New York Giants

Pick Record: 7-8

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What? No picking against the spread? :)

Mine, just for amusement...

Buffalo over Jacksonville (W)

Atlanta over Washington (L)

Cleveland over Baltimore (L)

Tennessee over Indianapolis (L)

Green Bay over Detroit (W)

St. Louis over San Francisco (W)

Tampa over Carolina (L)

Seattle over Arizona (W)

Oakland over Cincinnati (W)

New Orleans over Houston (W)

Miami over NY Jets (W)

Pittsburgh over Kansas City (L)

Denver over San Diego (W)

Philadelphia over New England (L)

Minnesota over Chicago (W)

NY Giants over Dallas

9-6 going into Monday Night.  Pathetic.  Good thing there's no $$$ riding on these...

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Hey, most prognosticators WISH they had a .500 record.... i got to a late start this year.. but let's see if i can stay at, or be above .500.... i'll put my picks up against anyones....
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Okay, 9-7 for the week:  not great, but still above .500.

Week 3:

Indianapolis over Jacksonville

Minnesota over Detroit

New England over NY Jets

Tampa over Atlanta

Washington over NY Giants

San Diego over Baltimore

Miami over Buffalo

Kansas City over Houston

Tennessee over New Orleans

Pittsburgh over Cincinnati

Green Bay over Arizona

Seattle over St. Louis

San Francisco over Cleveland

Denver over Oakland

I also predict I go either 8-6 or 9-5 for the week.  :)

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